KindHealth Medical Cannabis Clinic Policies

Medical Cannabis Doctor Clinic Policies

Our medical cannabis doctor clinic policies may help you prepare you to get legal faster at your medical marijuana evaluation visit.

  • On arrival we will verify your identification and take your photo.
  • We will ask you comprehensive and in-depth questions about your medical and medication history.
  • We will gather and note any medical documentation you bring us.
  • We ask you to complete some additional documents or disclosures (i.e., medical releases).
  • One of our compassionate Florida licensed medical physicians qualified to evaluate whether or not the use of medical cannabis may be of benefit for your current medical condition.
  • If you qualify, our physician will to devise an appropriate cannabis treatment plan to improve your wellness.

What Should I Bring to Your Office?

  • Patients bring in a Florida state Driver’s license or ID card showing that you are a resident of Florida. Patients must have on their person a valid Florida state-issued ID or driver’s license with them to establish proof of residency.
  • Medical records are preferred but not required for the visit. We are able to complete an information release and send it to your physicians.
  • You may bring them with you or we may obtain them by email via DocuSign. You may also fax them directly to KindHealth from your provider’s office. Confirm that we have received medical records, or bring them to your appointment.
  • Any bottles of medication you are taking or a list of drugs and therapies you have tried.
  • X-Rays, MRIs and surgical scars may also serve as a medical record. We accept visit information from physicians, hospitals, including chiropractors, physical and massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, naturopaths, etc.
  • Though referrals can help with the process, we do not require them from other doctors. Evidence showing your diagnosis or condition that may benefit from medical marijuana helps.

KindHealth Cannabis Physician Practice Information

KindHealth medical marijuana doctors specialize in either Family, Preventative or Internal Medicine, Substance abuse, Pain Management or Psychiatry. Our marijuana doctors and staff stay current on and strictly adhere to all, federal, FBM, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Florida Compassionate Use program regulations. For both your and our legal protection, the Florida Compassionate Use program requires you to establish a ‘bona fide patient-physician relationship' with our physician. This requires a meeting and examination with our certifying physician before your legal mmj card certification.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

KindHealth visits are by appointment only. Scheduling is easy! Give us a call at 1 (786) 953-6838 or click here to book an available date on our online appointment calendar.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

KindHealth medical marijuana use clinic accepts cash payments.
Patients should assume insurance may not cover the costs of your visit.

How is each visit billed?

Florida Compassionate Use Act requires the patient to have bona fide physician-patient relationship before getting qualified. Our physicians establish this relationship using the following example. Let’s say you make your first visit on January 1st and routine monthly visits thereafter, your KindHealth physician clinic billing schedule would look like this:

 Visit Date Type MMJ Supply Charge
January 1st First evaluation* 70 day $199
March 22nd     refill** 70 day -
May 21st refill 70 day-
July 30th 6 mo Follow-up*** 70 day
Oct 8th refill 70 day -
Dec 17th refill 70 day -


Changing Doctors? Our transfer fee is $45; the lowest in Florida! Covers any remaining refill fees through the end of your existing card coverage duration.

*Your first evaluation visit gathers the bulk of the data we will need to proceed for further evaluation. We perform ongoing review and monitoring of your qualified condition and its response to medical low THC marijuana at each visit. Veterans save $50 off first visit with our veterans' discount.
**Refills performed by phone or in-office.
***Both the initial and follow-up visits require a face-to-face in the office.
****Beware of doctors charging low upfront fees, requiring more visits than necessary, or recurrently billing you for ordering services and follow ups.

Can I Get Low THC Marijuana at My First Visit?

KindHealth is NOT a marijuana or a THC dispensary (FloridaHealth MMTC). Our clinic functions to evaluate your appropriateness to the FloridaHealth Registry. We will give you a list of available Florida state licensed dispensaries where you can fill your prescription.

Special Medical Cannabis Doctor Clinic Policies

KindHealth does not keep or maintain marijuana of any type on the premises.

More Practice Information