Can I Get my Money Back if I Don’t Qualify?

Can I Get my Money Back if I Don’t Qualify?

Can I Get my Money Back if I Don’t Qualify?

NO.     KindHealth charges a fee for its medical evaluation services. Our physicians and staff strive to establish a genuine patient-doctor relationship and conduct thorough evaluations. Additionally, we do our best to register you, if eligible, and send your registration to the state once you are. You pay us for the great service we provide in evaluating you for the card. Of note, if you are not eligible for the registry our doctors can not register you.


Medical patients typically cannot receive a refund after seeing a doctor because the payment is for services rendered, which are considered complete once the visit is over. Healthcare services are not tangible goods that can be returned; they are professional services based on expertise and time. When a patient pays for a medical visit, they are paying for the doctor's time, effort, and the resources used during the consultation, regardless of the outcome or satisfaction level. Additionally, the administrative costs associated with processing refunds can be significant for healthcare providers. In some cases, refunds may occur due to overpayment or billing errors, but these are exceptions rather than the standard practice.

Not all evaluations result in a successful medical marijuana certification.  The most common reasons patients may not qualify for medical marijuana include not residing in a state where it’s legal, lacking a qualifying medical condition, being underage, or errors in the application process. Specifically, patients must have a condition listed by their state’s medical marijuana program, and they must provide accurate documentation to support their application. Additionally, some states require parental consent for minors.

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For more information, see our related pages “KindHealth Medical Cannabis Clinic Policies” and What If I Don't Qualify?. To learn more marijuana facts, visit our medical marijuana FAQ page. Call us at (786) 953-6838 to schedule an appointment and get your marijuana card today!

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