Do I Need to Renew my Card?

Do I Need to Renew my Card?

Do I Need to Renew my Card?

YES.     The Department of Health expires your medical marijuana certification one year after the issue. You need to reapply to get a renewal to remain legally eligible to use cannabis. KindHealth sends you a renewal reminder ahead of the expiration date to keep you legal. Get Legal Today and avoid any penalty for illegal possession

Renew your medical marijuana card annually to maintain its validity. Here’s a simplified guide to the renewal process:

Don't Forget to Renew your Florida Cannabis Card

If you forget to renew your Florida medical marijuana card, you may face some consequences:

To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to renew your card before it expires. Set reminders and keep track of the expiration date to ensure continuous access to your medication and legal protection. Simple, proactive steps can save you from unnecessary complications. Remember, staying proactive with your renewal ensures uninterrupted access to medical cannabis. Simple, timely, and necessary—that’s the renewal mantra in Florida.

Not a KindHealth patient? - Renew Your Medical Card Online in Florida for marijuana card renewal

KindHealth patient? - Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online Form for your cannabis certification renewal


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