About Us | KindHealth Medical Marijuana Doctors

About Us | KindHealth Medical Marijuana Doctors

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. KindHealth’s health promotion with cannabis doctors granting marijuana certifications started with thousands of steps firmly planted in the professional career of Gentry Dunlop, MD.

About Us

During his three decades as a physician, Dr. Dunlop cared for many patients with pain, seizures, and anxiety. When treating with conventional medications, he noted many of his patients developed severe reactions or side effects resulting in an emergency room or hospital visits. In addition, growing patient fears of opioid addiction underscored a need for more natural and less toxic treatments. Comparing marijuana to traditional medications Dr. Dunlop found cannabis a much better and safer option. Unable to prescribe a marijuana certification during his practice, after retirement he was inspired to extend legal access to this healthier treatment option to our nation’s suffering.



Cannabis Doctors for Marijuana Certifications

Dr. Dunlop created KindHealth Marijuana Doctors in 2017 as a specialized clinic of cannabis doctors granting legal access to safer medicine alternatives. KindHealth envisions a nation where patients are free to access the most effective and affordable, least harmful, prescription-strength medicine for their medical conditions. Cannabis doctors providing marijuana certification for more medical marijuana, better health, fewer drug side effects, less opioid addiction, and an enhanced quality of life. Providing evaluations for, certifying, and treating patients who meet Florida's legal requirements show the KindHealth commitment in continuing the steps along the journey toward marijuana freedom.

“The confidence we have in the benefits of

medical marijuana nurtures our belief that

every patient who needs a card should have one.”