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Miami Medical Marijuana Card

What Is a Medical Marijuana Card?

A Florida medical marijuana card (medical cannabis card) is a state issued identification card allowing patients to purchase marijuana legally.

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Are There Cannabis Card Benefits?

There are many benefits of a medical marijuana card recommendation in Florida, ranging from health benefits, legal protections and more.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

KindHealth believes that anyone who needs a card should get a card. If you are a Florida resident simply follow these 5 easy steps.

Florida Cannabis Qualifying Conditions

Parkinson disease
Other debilitating conditions
Terminal illness (<12 M Prognosis)

Severe/chronic pain
Post-traumatic stress
Hepatitis C
Crohn’s disease
Multiple sclerosis

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Let a KindHealth Miami cannabis card doctor help you discover how to vape or safely use cannabis oils, tinctures, edibles, capsules, extracts or topical marijuana cream. Our doctors prescribe all types that work best for you.

Miami cannabis card doctor Florida Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Florida Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Our certified Florida cannabis doctors specialize in performing medical marijuana evaluations. They understand your needs and prescribe the cannabis and CBD you need to improve your health.

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The 2016 Amendment 2 to Florida’s Compassionate Care Act legalizes medical marijuana with Florida's Office of Medical Marijuana Use. This allows CBD doctors in Florida or a specialized KindHealth Miami cannabis card doctor certify qualifying patients with debilitating conditions for the Medical Marijuana Use registry. Schedule an appointment to obtain your medical marijuana card from the best CBD doctors in Florida and at the most affordable price. Our primary aim is to evaluate and support patients seeking relief from a variety of ailments via tested and proven cannabis-based treatments. We provide 24/7 verification online or phone verification for our clients and we keep all their records private.


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