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Medical Card Qualifying Conditions

Severe/chronic pain
Post-traumatic stress
Hepatitis C
Crohn’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson disease
Terminal illness (<12 mo)
Other serious conditions*

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You must be able to prove Florida residency.
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RenewalsFirst Visit Approval
Full 210 Day RenewalBring a Friend and Save - $279
All RoutesVeteran Certification - $129.00
Yearly State Fee $75Full 210 Day Prescription
$25 Charge for Dose Increases (RFEs)Industry Discounts on Medications


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All Routes
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Our best weed Docs can see you now and get your card fast. You want to get your meds soon as you can dont you?
1. Schedule Your Appointment.

Arrange your appointment for an assessment for your med card. Schedule online or save time and call our office at (786) 953-6838.

The best weed Docs can see you now and get your card fast. You want to get your meds soon as you can dont you?
2. Get Your Assessment.

Our Florida certified doctors will quickly determine if a med card will help you. Get the safest, best relief for your medical condition.

KH best weed Docs can see you now and get your card fast. You want to get your meds soon as you can dont you?
3. Register the Same Day!

Same Day Approval! We register your med card application right away. Bringing med records or medication helps but is not required.

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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Miami

Visit our 420 Doctors in Miami, Florida, for a cheap 420 medical marijuana card in Miami. Get legal, fast & easy. Same-day approval. Accessible pain relief with affordable pricing.

Where and How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Miami

Here's how to get your medical marijuana card in Miami 33138 with same-day approval. See our marijuana doctor for a cannabis card. Medicating with mmj helps lots of conditions such as chronic pain. Don't just find any mmj doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation. We have the best medical marijuana doctors to recommend legal cannabis. If you need to get a new card or quickly re-certify your old card, call us. KindHealth has a new office in Shorecrest! Of course, we welcome local South Florida residents to our new clinic. Our certified physicians promote all-natural, holistic medicine for your medical conditions. We give you same-day doctor approval and the best price in Miami. In addition to exams for your mmj card, we perform emotional support animal assessments.

KindHealth is at 649 NE 79 ST, Miami, FL 33138. We are on the east side of the re-energized 79th Street Causeway. Find us just minutes from I-95 and steps from retro-modern MiMo nearby. The MiMo District legacy surrounds us with a twist of new-age design. We bring years of combined experience in the medical cannabis industry. Our compassionate doctors give medical marijuana patients quick and easy access to Florida med cards. When you are ready to get proactive with your health and wellness, visit us at our new location. We can get you a medical cannabis card (MMJ, MMID, or Registry ID Card) today.

Why Choose KindHealth to Get a Miami Medical Marijuana Card?

So why should you see a medical marijuana card doctor near me?' Since our humble start, KindHealth has committed to maximizing your experience. Our service shines from the moment you walk through the door to the second you leave. Whether visiting our cannabis clinic for the first time or getting a follow-up card exam, KindHealth helps you realize your health and wellness goals. In brief, KindHealth promises:

  1. Well-informed, courteous staff and medical cannabis physicians.
  2. Easy access for disabled patients and wheelchairs.
  3. A complete, efficient med card consultation and recommendation.
  4. Lowest-priced medical card evaluations and renewals in Miami
  5. Full 210-day prescription refills, no added cost
  6. Assistance with state-issued medical card applications
  7. Easily located on NE 79th Street in the Upper Eastside
  8. Practitioners of alternative medicine are getting back to what's natural.

Florida Department of Health Medical Card FAQs

What is a registry identification card?

Unlike states with recreational marijuana, Florida requires a valid, state-issued medical card. What is more, you need to have an active weed card to use or have medical cannabis on your person legally. If the police catch you with weed, even if it is medical, not having a card with you notably improves your chances of legal problems.

To begin the process of how to get a medical card in Florida, you first schedule a visit with us. Specifically, it would help if you found a doctor to recommend medical marijuana as a promising treatment option for you. Let our doctors register you with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

First, we review your medical history and medical records, if any. Second, we focus on the status of your qualifying condition and wellness goals. Our licensed medical weed doctor determines if you're qualified. Third, based on the assessment, we design your cannabis prescription. Fourth, we enroll you in the Registry with your medical cannabis order. Finally, we submit your patient application to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU). After the state sends your medical card approval notice, you are then able to purchase medical marijuana.

How Much does it Cost to Get a Miami Medical Marijuana Card?

The state charges a $75 medical card application fee (they accept credit cards online). But before you can send your application and payment, you need a visit for a prescription from a licensed Florida weed doctor. KindHealth Florida, medical weed doctors, offer the lowest prices to Florida residents in Miami. To this end, we only charge $159 for our medical card exam. Also, we do not charge any hidden charges or extra fees.

To put this into perspective, a medical card assessment in Miami costs, on average, $250. So, you can save $65, give or take, by allowing us to help you obtain and maintain an active MMJ Florida weed card. What is more, we also provide full 210-day refills to our valued patients since Florida law only allows us to prescribe a 70-day supply of low-THC cannabis or medical marijuana at a time.

And if you're a service-connected member or veteran, KindHealth Florida cannabis doctors give a $40 discount off the initial price. So, medical card recommendations at KindHealth Florida are just $125 for service-connected patients.

How long does it take to Get a Miami Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

KindHealth commits to ensuring you receive your doctor's approval as quickly as possible. Of note, MMJ Florida med cards are issued and mailed to you by the state. We streamline your cannabis visit; the state's processing time is out of our hands. So, the time it takes to receive your physical medical card in the mail is up to the state of Florida.

It now takes on average, two to four weeks for patients to get a medical marijuana card in Miami from the state.

You'll get a cannabis prescription and patient ID number from a KindHealth weed doctor. Then, you need to submit a medical card application to the Florida OMMU. We help you with this process. It requires a $75 application processing fee and can take five business days to process.

It can take another five days for your medical card status to be approved and reflected on the state registry. The Florida OMMU will then mail your physical medical card to your location. Once you get an approval notice, you can visit any Florida weed store. You can buy your medicine from any of the medical marijuana treatment centers. The state requires annual renewal by the expiration date on the card. We suggest you renew it 30 - 45 days prior.

Meet Tom. He got his card from KindHealth.

Where is KindHealth Florida in Miami’s Upper Eastside?

Our new KindHealth Marijuana Doctors office locates in Miami’s flourishing Upper Eastside community. In a walker’s paradise near emerging green spaces, in-vogue pop-up studios, and eccentric art galleries. There are Mediterranean-style lodging, and hundreds of post-war, Miami modern showrooms.

It’s a stroll to and from outdoor public spaces such as the planned Biscayne Green project. Our office is close to Miami Ironside. This smart urban complex is mixed-use with green design in Miami's Historic Palm Grove. Miami dispensary locations are located nearby.

Here are some reference points for our new office location on 79th Street. KindHealth Florida Marijuana Doctors is:

  • North of the Design District and Belle Meade neighborhood.
  • South of El Portal and Miami Shores.
  • West of Miami Beach and Shorecrest Miami Bay.
  • We located one-half block East of Biscayne Boulevard in the Little River neighborhood.

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Directions to KindHealth Florida from Miami Attractions

Click the links below to get directions to KindHealth Florida Marijuana Doctors:

Parking & Alternative Transportation

  • Drive to us. Our on-site, protected parking is available for free. Metered street parking is also found on 8th Street just east of Biscayne Boulevard, on NE 7th Street, as well as to the west of Biscayne just north of the CVS.
  • Bus to us. Bus stops can be found nearby at NE 79 St and NE 7 Ave, Biscayne Blvd and NE 79 St, and at NE 79 St and Biscayne Blvd.
  • Rideshare to us. Get dropped off using Uber, Lyft, and other local rideshares.
  • Bike to us. Bikes racks are onsite at our at 649 NE 79th Street office location.

Visit Us if You are Qualified to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Miami Florida

You do not need to go to Los Angeles to get legal today. Our 420 doctor near Miami Shores will answer the question "where can I get my medical card near me?" The location near North Miami is conveniently located. Then go to one of the medical marijuana dispensaries to get your Miami cannabis. Fast. Easy Card.

"Schedule your appointment online or give us a ring at (786) 953-6838 anytime, 24 hours per day. KindHealth assesses who qualifies for medical marijuana. Our 420 doctors work with the medical marijuana program to get your Florida weed identification card recommendation. Our certified cannabis doctors will take care of the rest. Here is a list of Florida marijuana dispensaries. All are staffed to assist qualified patients at least 18 years of age. They will also explain the potential side effects (if any) of specific strains of the cannabis plant to you.