Med Card Application Process Explained

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The Florida Med Card Application Process Explained

Congratulations! You’ve had the med card application process explained, scheduled, and received your med card evaluation. The KindHealth doctor has found you eligible and approved you. Now that you are entered into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card system, they will send you an introductory email from the state. From this point, KindHealth has created a shortlist of things to expect depending on the stage of the process you find yourself.

Stage 1 - Incomplete Profile

  • Log into your State profile and change your temporary password.
  • Assure your information is correct.
  • Take a picture of your ID and load it into the profile.
  • Review your profile for accuracy.
  • Complete your profile by signing it.
  • Pay $75 to State online.
  • The state sends you a reply email confirming your payment.
  • This email date estimates the start of your waiting period for State approval.

Stage 2 - Waiting Period of 7-14 days

Once you have paid, the Florida Department of Health reviews your application. Approved patients receive an email after 10 business days for processing time. Our experience has been that it usually takes 5-7 days for the State to process your payment, and an additional 5-7 days after their process date for them to send your email approval. If you have not received your approval email by then, first check your email spam folder. If you still can not find it, call us at (786) 953-6838. We take your health care seriously. We will do a weekly update with the State to check the status of your card in Florida.

Stage 3 - OMMU Approval Email

  • Congratulations, you are fully processed and approved! You can now buy marijuana in Florida dispensaries.
  • Print the approval email and take it to the dispensary as your temporary mmj card.
  • The state issues your actual ID card through the mail.

Stage 4 - Re-certification

  • The doctor can only prescribe 70 days worth of medicine at each time.
  • KindHealth arranges for two refills automatically and does not require an extra visit or fee.
  • The Registry does require a 'face-to-face' visit with the doctor every seven months (three 70-day periods).
  • We send reminder emails in approximately six months regarding your 7-month re-certification visit.
  • Your marijuana card is good for one year, and you must renew it annually.

Annual Med Card Renewals

Renewal applications for the Florida medical marijuana card are available in your online profile starting 45 days before its expiration. The expiration dates are printed on the front of the card.

Fast FAQs:
How Long Will It Take for Me to Get My Card?
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Carry Amount Limits

      • Patients with a med card may legally obtain medical cannabis provided by state-licensed dispensaries.
      • Patients can get up to three 70-day supply limits of THC cannabis and medical marijuana.
      • You are permitted to purchase up to 2.5 oz. of cannabis each month, however; 4 oz. is the total overall carry limit.
      • Patients are permitted to possess up to four oz. of cannabis flower if “the benefits of smoking marijuana for medical use outweigh the risks...”
      • Florida law enforcement requires you to carry your medical cannabis card with you at all times if you have cannabis.

Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU)   800-808-9580  M-F,  8 am - 6 pm, EST

Dispensaries - For your convenience, we answer your question, "where are the Florida medical marijuana dispensary locations near me?"


        • Trulieve*   4020 NW 26th St.    (786) 600-3887
        • Fluent (Knox) 82 NE 26th St.   (888) 441-5669 (open in June)
        • Curaleaf Miami Airport.  5400 NW 72nd Ave.  (786) 605-0844

North Miami

        • Curaleaf  -  16685 NW 2nd Ave.  (786) 605-0830
        • Trulieve
        • Liberty Health Sciences  - 10795 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL, USA

Miami Gardens

        • Trulieve*  -  18350 NW 47th Ave.  (786) 632-1516


        • Surterra  -  6647 South Dixie Highway   (786) 724-0054
        • Curaleaf  -  9002 S Dadeland Blvd.   (786) 398-4494


        • Trulieve*  -  9600 SW 77th Ave.   (305) 768-1535

Miami Beach

        • Surterra   -  1523 Alton Road.   (786) 353-0636

Don't Have a Card?

The Florida legislature's implementation of amendment 2 now allows medical marijuana treatment in Florida. To get a medical marijuana ID in Florida, you need proof of residency. This can be shown with a Florida identification card. You also need one of the qualifying medical conditions as required by the state of Florida. There is not an application online as a face-to-face doctor's visit must be done. Call (786) 953-6838 for any questions about patient ID requirements or the Department of Public Health. KindHealth has the best service at the lowest price in North Miami. Fast. Easy. Card.



*  Trulieve -