What is a FL Medical Marijuana Card

What Is a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

A Florida medical marijuana card is an ID card used by patients to legally use cannabis. Patients get cannabis cards or “MMID” to gain access to legal weed shops. They are then also able to use legal medical cannabis drop services. The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use “OMMU” issues MMIDs. Patients enroll in the OMMU registry to buy THC and CBD oil legally. These products treat PTSD, anxiety, IBS, chronic pain and other ailments. Potential patients who don't have a FL marijuana card must first see a licensed doctor to assure your condition is state approved before .

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Role of the Licensed Marijuana Doctor

At least 33 states have medical cannabis programs and patients need a qualified medical condition. The cannabis doctor reviews your condition by history and physical assessment. On agreement that cannabis would be an effective option. Since weed is illegal at the federal level, doctors do not 'really' prescribe it. Instead, once there is agreement, the doctor adds your info and dosage advice into the OMMU Registry. They save the data for use in your treatment.



Once the OMMU approves, they send the patient an email notice for use as an interim FL marijuana card. The email is used to gain access to high-quality medicine from MMJ treatment centers. These centers also offer guidance on methods of ingestion and the best strains for your needs. Schedule a visit with a doctor who has special training in medical cannabis. Medical records are helpful but not required depending on the doctor. Florida charges a $75 state fee, and there is a physician charge as well. Visit a medical marijuana doctor to find a low-priced med card near you.

What Are the Benefits of a Florida Medical Cannabis Card?

There are many real benefits for holders of MMIDs. Florida has a medical program but MMJ can’t be used for adult use yet. The amount an MMJ patient can buy or possess at any given time is limited, but it's the only legal way. Other benefits include:

  • Legal Access to Medical Cannabis

Cardholders can legally purchase cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries, ensuring safe and regulated access to their medication.

  • Higher Quality

Florida grown medical cannabis use is mainly CBD-based, as opposed to THC-based. CBD is often the primary active element of medical cannabis. It's thought the blend of THC and CBD heals better than either alone. Cannabis for recreation from the street will likely have more THC content. THC may cause psychoactive effects, but CBD relaxes without the brain effect. CBD is plant based. CBD oils and edibles produce a calm and relaxed effect.

  • Higher Potency Limits

Dosage is very important when it comes to medical cannabis. MMJ potency limits vary from state to state and, at present, Florida has no limit. This allows high-strength cannabis for patients to help their symptoms. This has a great advantage over ‘street weed’ where low strength/quality is common.

  • Expert Medical Advice

Consult with qualified physicians who can provide personalized recommendations based on your condition.

  • Lower Costs & Taxes

A major benefit offered by many states’ medical shops is a lower cost for patients. This is extremely important for those who rely on cannabis for medical problems. Most ‘legal’ states levy both retail and excise taxes on 'adult use' weed. With Florida's medical program patients should be able to avoid these taxes if/when 'adult use' passes. Having a FL marijuana card actually reduces your overall cost.

  • Range of Products

A variety of cannabis products are available, catering to different medical needs and preferences. Let’s explore some of the common types in Florida medical cannabis program.

  • Oils:

Concentrated cannabis extracts, taken sublingually or added to food, offer precise dosing and ease of use.

  • Edibles:

Infused food products (like gummies, brownies, or cookies) provide discreet consumption. Note that their effects take longer to kick in compared to smoking or vaping.

  • Tinctures:

Liquid extracts with droppers allow precise dosing. Mix them into beverages or take them directly.

  • Topicals:

Cannabis-infused creams, lotions, and balms offer localized relief without producing a high. Patients commonly use them for pain management.

  • Inhalation Methods:

Smoking or vaping dried cannabis flower provides rapid effects, but be cautious about lung health.

  • Capsules:

Similar to traditional medication, cannabis capsules deliver consistent doses.

  • Lozenges:

Dissolvable lozenges deliver cannabinoids through mouth membranes.


Remember, the choice of product depends on individual preferences, medical needs, and desired effects.

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