Is There an Age Requirement for an Evaluation?

Is There an Age Requirement for an Evaluation?

NO.     Minors can be evaluated for and use medical marijuana as long as the legal guardian is present and signs a waiver for the minor. They must take it under the care and supervision of a registered caregiver who’s at least 18 years old.


Age restrictions for medical marijuana licenses in some states are in place to align with the broader regulatory landscape of substance control, similar to alcohol and tobacco. These laws aim to protect younger individuals from potential adverse effects on development and mental health. States have the autonomy to set their own age requirements, often setting the legal age at 18, 19, or 21, with variations depending on the state1. Programs allowing minors to access medical cannabis usually require parental or guardian consent, ensuring responsible use under supervision. The age limits also serve to mitigate misuse and limit access to only those with qualifying medical conditions, as determined by state regulations12.


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