Cannabis Card Benefits

Cannabis Card Benefits Give You Legal Protection

Florida Medical cannabis card benefits

Are there any real cannabis card benefits worth the hassle of visiting a doctor for a medical card? There are many benefits of a medical marijuana card recommendation in Florida, ranging from health benefits, legal protection and more. It is important to first legally protect yourself so let’s explain legal protection and hopefully answer a few questions.

First, if you use cannabis and don’t have card, you’re breaking the law.


Even if you use it for medical reasons, you could find yourself in lots of trouble as a result. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for legitimate reasons. You can only protect yourself legally if you have a medical marijuana recommendation from a qualified physician.

Penalties for carrying illegal marijuana in Florida include:
• Fines
• Treatment for addiction
• Incarceration

cannabis card benefits

You don’t have to be caught selling marijuana to find yourself charged with attempted distribution, either. If you have a large amount of the drug in your possession, you may be considered to be in possession with intent to sell. Having a medical marijuana recommendation means that you have legal protection under Florida law. This way, if you’re ever pulled over for a speeding ticket and the cops search your car, you can legally have the drug in your possession. While you may get the speeding ticket, you will not be in trouble for having a legal amount with you.

Second, medical cannabis card holders need access to high-strength cannabis to alleviate symptoms.

Expert dosing is extremely important when it comes to medical cannabis, and medical dispensaries specialize in dosages, strains and delivery system quality.

Third, cannabis card benefits may allow patients access to their medicine at a lower cost.

While Florida does not yet allow the recreational use of marijuana, medical users in states with both medical and recreational often get tax breaks the recreational users do not, making their marijuana more affordable and accessible. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

You Need a Weed Card Florida

So if you’re suffering from a qualifying condition and are using cannabis illegally to self-medicate, you benefit significantly from getting a medical marijuana recommendation.

Call us today and schedule an appointment (786) 953-6838. Our doctors are here to explain all the health benefits you will receive with medical marijuana.

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