Cannabis Card Benefits

Florida Medical Cannabis Card Benefits Protect You

Florida Medical cannabis card benefits


Are there any real cannabis card benefits? If you are you in one of the legal states for medical marijuana users is it still worth the hassle of visiting a doctor to get your med card? Does it still make sense to sign up for a states' medical marijuana programs? We say YES. Get Legal in Florida. ASAP! Qualifying patients with medical conditions can apply for medical cards. There are many benefits of a medical weed card in Florida. These range from health benefits, legal protections, and more. So let’s explain legal protection and answer a few questions.

First, if you use cannabis and don’t have a card, you’re breaking the law.

Until Florida gets recreational cannabis legality, now if you do not have a card, you could find yourself in a mess. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for legitimate reasons. Or even if you use it for a medical need. You can cover yourself only with approval from a qualified physician. Your identification card should come from a cannabis doctor. Having a medical marijuana recommendation protects you.

Penalties for carrying illegal weed in Florida include:

• Fines
• Treatment for addiction
• Jail or prison time

cannabis card benefits

Cannabis Card Benefits for Medical Marijuana Patients

There are carry limits for legalized medical cannabis products. If you carry over these limits, don't get caught. You don’t have to sell pot to get charged with attempted distribution. You only need to have more than the ceiling in your possession. If so, you are suspect.

Let's say you have a large amount of the drug in your possession. You may be considered to be in possession with intent to sell. Florida's law protects you when holding a proper amount. A medical marijuana card gives you legal cover.

Also, let’s say you have a card, and get pulled over for a speeding ticket. When the cops search your car, you have weed in your possession. If you are carrying under the legal limit, there is no need for worry. You knew getting your card was essential to protect yourself legally. Florida law now states patients staying on the legal side of cannabis won’t get in trouble. Of course, you may still get a speeding ticket.

Second, medical cannabis cardholders get higher quality weed.

Expert dosing is crucial when it comes to medical cannabis. Medical weed drug stores are experts. Your budtender knows their doses, strains, and delivery system quality. Medical cannabis plants usually have a higher potency of THC for your medical conditions. Cardholders in medical cannabis programs often get access to medical top-shelf products.

Third, med card benefits allow patients to get their weed for cheaper.

There are now 33 states with medical marijuana laws. Florida does not have the recreational use of pot yet. A few states have recreational pot laws. Some laws allow patients to grow marijuana plants. State law often defines a retail marijuana tax for the sale of THC CBD from medical dispensaries. Medical users in recreational marijuana states obtain medical sales tax breaks, avoiding the avoid stiff excise tax. In these states, recreational users of cannabis may pay a much steeper price for weed at a recreational dispensary. This makes their weed much less expensive and more accessible. Even if you have not reached the age of 21 yet, it's well worth the application fee for approval. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

You Need a Weed Card Florida

Many of us suffer from a medically qualifying condition. Many more medical patients use illegal weed to self-medicate. If you are using illegally for weight loss or any other condition, you need to get a doctor's prescription for grass. For those in legal trouble, a medical cannabis patient who has a medical marijuana card usually does better than one without it. Get our doctor s recommendation for an mmj card and cannabis treatment options. Then go to one of the medical marijuana dispensaries to purchase cannabis. The application process to get an ID card starts with us.

Call us today and schedule a visit. (786) 953-6838. Our medical marijuana doctors will listen to your medical history. We explain all the health benefits you will receive with access to medical weed.

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