Can I smoke cannabis in Florida?

Can I smoke cannabis in Florida?

Can I smoke cannabis in Florida?

YES.      Florida SB 182 marked a pivotal change for medical cannabis patients. Signed on March 18, 2019, this law lifted the ban on smoking medical cannabis. Now, legal cannabis patients with a valid registry card can access whole cannabis flower, available in prepackaged forms or as pre-rolls. Patients with a doctor card for smokable cannabis are allowed up to 2.5 oz. every 35 days from their dispensary. While it is now legal for patients to smoke flower, it is important to remember the public consumption of medical cannabis by smoking, vaping or otherwise is still illegal.

Florida Rules around Smoking Cannabis

In Florida, the rules are clear-cut. Firstly, understand that recreational use remains illegal. However, for medical purposes, smoking cannabis is permitted under specific conditions. To do so, you must be a qualified patient with a valid medical cannabis card. Remember, public use is prohibited. Instead, enjoy your medical cannabis privately, at home. Always adhere to the prescribed amount and never exceed it. Navigating the regulations ensures you stay within the legal boundaries while benefiting from medical cannabis. Simple, responsible use is key to compliance and well-being in Florida. Enjoy responsibly within your private space, adhering to the prescribed limits. This ensures you stay on the right side of the law while exploring the healthy benefits of medical cannabis. Simple, mindful adherence to these rules is essential for your health and peace of mind in Florida.


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How to Get your Medical Marijuana Card and Get Legal

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