Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida


Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

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What Is a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

A Florida medical marijuana card is issued by the Florida Department of Health. This medical marijuana registry identification card allows Florida residents to purchase marijuana and CBD oil legally. Eligible patients must first be evaluated by a licensed doctor for a marijuana recommendation for the Florida medical cannabis card.

Role of the Marijuana Doctor

At least 33 states have now legalized a medical marijuana program application process for medical cards. To purchase medical cannabis you must see a qualifying medical doctor recommending medical marijuana. The physician determines if cannabis might be an effective treatment alternative for qualified patients with a medical history of an approved medical condition. The cannabis doctor reviews your medical condition. Medical records are helpful but not required. After the history and examination, your weed doctor will recommend you for medical cannabis. They then will enter you into the Florida Department of Health Marijuana Use Registry.  Once the patient has their Florida medical marijuana card recommendation approved by the state, they receive an email confirmation. Only then are they able to access high-quality medicine from dispensaries across the state and guidance about which method of ingestion and strains are best suited for your needs.

Florida Medical Cannabis Card

The Florida medical cannabis card is valid for up to 12 months and needs to be renewed annually. In addition to the doctor's evaluation cost, the patient is required to pay a fee to the state to obtain their license. Qualified physicians will register you on the state’s medical compassionate use registry Florida so that you can apply for the state's marijuana identification card. Patients or their caregivers then submit an application to the state’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use, either mailed or online, with a copy of a state ID or valid proof of residency and a required $75 fee.

State Requirements

Also known as “MMID” cards, med cards are available in the 33 states where medical cannabis is legal. Each state sets its requirement for obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation, and all states do not recognize the rights of other states. Dispensaries in Florida do not accept recommendations from other states. So, unless you live in Florida, at least part-time, you can not purchase cannabis legally. Seasonal residents with a qualifying medical condition may become marijuana patients with appropriate proof of residence. In other states, accepting an out-of-state medical cannabis authorization is entirely up the discretion to the other state's dispensary owner. We recommend calling in advance to ensure your Florida medical marijuana card can be used in other states to allow you to purchase medicine.

Does Florida have Dispensaries - Getting Your Cannabis

Yes! Florida has cannabis dispensaries. Only patients with a marijuana card can enter medical dispensaries (or “cannabis clubs”) to buy medical marijuana in Florida. Also available are the medicinal strength cannabis and delivery systems patients need to treat their health condition or symptoms. Importantly, most US-trained doctors do not evaluate patients for cards nor prescribe cannabis due to the plant being illegal at the Federal level.

KindHealth has qualified physicians from the state of Florida willing to evaluate you for your cannabis card. While medical records are helpful, our qualified doctor does not require them. After the medical marijuana doctor sees you, you can purchase medical marijuana from the medical marijuana treatment centers. The application fee for the ID card is paid to the Florida Department of Health. They accept credit cards online or payment by mail. The card has an expiration date of 1 year from issuance. Get your cannabis evaluation Florida from KindHealth! Call today to schedule your appointment (786) 953-6838.

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