KindHealth Medical Marijuana Clinic in Miami

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Visit the KindHealth Medical Marijuana Clinic in Miami

KindHealth medical marijuana clinic in Miami is in the vibrant heart of NorthEast Miami-Dade. Visit our new medical marijuana doctor office in Shorecrest. We see patients in Miami Shores, El Portal, Wynwood, and North Miami Beach. Also serving North Bay Village, Little River, and Little Haiti.

Are you looking to get your Florida marijuana card? Are you wanting to switch from your current go-to cannabis clinic? Our awarded team of doctors has decades of expertise in cannabis health. We only charge $135 for the first renewal if you are switching doctors. Schedule an appointment with a doctor at our local weed clinic today. All KindHealth doctors provide the best service. We also have the most up-to-date knowledge on medical cannabis.

Call Us to Schedule Your Appointment

Ready for a more natural remedy to treat your qualifying conditions? Curious about using cannabis as a plant-based therapy? Need a better option to treat one or more qualifying conditions? Give us a call at (786) 953-6838 to schedule with our clinic. Or, simply use our online visit scheduler. Veterans pay only $125 for the first visit to our medical weed clinic.

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KindHealth Florida Prices

We proudly offer the lowest cost in Florida. Here’s a breakdown of our pricing.

$159 – First-Time Visitors to Our Cannabis Clinic ($125 for Veterans)

  • Establish a bona fide medical marijuana doctor-patient contact
  • Review your medical records
  • Discuss the goals of therapy
  • Register you with Florida’s Compassionate Use Registry
  • Order your FloridaMedical Cannabis (MMJ) Card
  • Note: Veterans get $25 OFF the first visit to our medical cannabis clinic

$99 – Follow-up Renewal Visits Every 210 Days

  • Verify Medical Marijuana Office Registry ID
  • Our doctor places an order for three 70-day scripts

Free – All Refills (no 70-day visit necessary)

  • You do not need to come in for a doctor visit for your free weed prescription refills
  • Get discounts on wholesale medical cannabis
  • Review response to cannabis treatment with your doctor
  • Note: Once you have your weed card, you can also buy it from a cannabis store. You can also have it delivered to you.

Payment Methods

KindHealth accepts credit cards, cash, and PayPal. Under current legal guidelines, we’re not allowed to bill insurance. Here is a sample of what the weed prices are in Florida. Call us anytime at (786) 953-6838 if you have any questions.

See Us At Our New Cannabis Doctor Clinic

Visit the KindHealth clinic to register for a Florida medical weed card today! Our goal is to help you reach your health goals as quickly as possible. As such, we work hard day in and day out to help you:

  • Get access to a legal cannabis card (MMJ card)
  • Learn how to properly store, dose and consume medical cannabis
  • Monitor your treatment and progress

KindHealth is not a Weed Dispensary

Although we do not sell cannabis, we do know “chronic talk for chronic illness.” In other words, our clinic doctors all ‘speak’ vape pens, oils, tinctures, edibles, etc. We’re here to serve you. We ensure your experience in our medical office is as pleasant as possible.

Compassionate doctors register local patients with a debilitating medical marijuana condition. Once entered into the Registry they get an order for low THC and CBD. KindHealth’s doctors can legally prescribe medical low THC marijuana. Of note, weed is still illegal under federal law. We also do evaluations for emotional support animal letters.

Have questions? Ring us anytime at (786) 953-6838. Visit our billing, FAQs, and clinic policies for more details.

Ready to get your cannabis card from a weed clinic in Miami? Let’s get you legal. Schedule a good time to meet with us at our new KindHealth Medical Marijuana Clinic in Miami today. Get your Florida medical weed card with KindHealth’s simple process. Start today and you’ll be buying cannabis in no time. Fast. Easy. Card.

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