Can I Change my Marijuana Doctor?

Can I Change my Marijuana Doctor?

YES.    Changing your marijuana doctor is a manageable task. The Medical Marijuana Registry now allows patients to easily change their marijuana card doctor, for whatever reason, by following the prompts on the patient website profile. Firstly, identify a new licensed physician who meets your needs. Then, schedule a consultation to discuss your medical cannabis journey. Next, secure a transfer of your medical records to ensure continuity of care. After that, obtain a fresh recommendation from your new doctor. Lastly, update your information with the state’s medical cannabis registry.

Changed OMMU Policy

This is a policy change from the past. Historically, doctors were the ones who determined the patient's care. This left patients at the mercy of the first doctor hey signed up with. Holding patient choice hostage in this manner was fortunately changed. Find your Miami marijuana doctor. This seamless transition not only maintains your access to medical cannabis but also empowers you to take control of your health care decisions. Simple steps lead to significant changes, ensuring your comfort and confidence in your medical cannabis treatment.

For more information, see our related page “KindHealth Medical Cannabis Clinic Policies”. To learn more marijuana facts, visit our medical marijuana FAQ page. Call us at (786) 953-6838 to schedule an appointment and get your marijuana card today!


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