Marijuana Physician Clinic Billing

How Marijuana Physician Clinic Billing Works

How is Each Visit Billed?

KindHealth medical marijuana physician clinic billing follows the Florida state guidelines for cannabis physician certification. Cannabis certification cards are issued annually. Patients have a bona fide physician-patient relationship marijuana with our marijuana doctor before getting qualified. The state gives doctors cannabis supply limits and do not allow patient certification of for more than a 210 day supply of medical marijuana, prescribed as three 70-day prescriptions. KindHealth establishes a solid patient-physician relationship using the following scheduling strategy: lets say you make your first visit on January 1st and required routine visits thereafter, your KindHealth physician clinic billing schedule would look like this:

Visit DateTypeMMJ SupplyCharge
January 1st First evaluation* 70 day $149
March 22nd refill** 70 day-
May 21st refill 70 day-
July 30th 6 month Follow-up*** 70 day $99
Oct 8th refill 70 day -
Dec 17th refill 70 day -


Changing Doctors? Our transfer fee is $45; the lowest in Florida! Covers any remaining refill fees through the end of your existing card coverage duration.

*Your first evaluation visit gathers the bulk of the data we will need to proceed for further evaluation. We perform ongoing review and monitoring of your qualified condition and its response to medical low THC marijuana at each visit. Veterans save $35 off first visit with our veterans' discount.
**Prescription refills are performed by phone for free.
***Both the initial and follow-up visits require a face-to-face in the office.

Beware of doctors charging low upfront fees, charging for refills,  requiring more visits than necessary, or recurrently billing you for ordering services and follow ups.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

KindHealth accepts cash, credit card or PayPal. We do not accept American Express. Medical marijuana is available in Florida, however, remains illegal under federal law, and medicare, medicaid or traditional insurances do not cover the cost of our visits.

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How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Setting up an appointment is easy! Call (786) 953-6838 to schedule or click here for our online appointment calendar.

What if I don’t qualify?

After we perform our comprehensive evaluation and review your records (if any) our staff should have a fairly good idea as to whether or not you might reasonably qualify for the registry. At the end of your initial visit we will review the results of our evaluation and inform you of your status, as well as our possible need for further information that may help us in the evaluation of your medical condition.

Do I get my money refunded if I don’t qualify?

No. You pay the KindHealth physician and staff to evaluate you, regardless of whether their evaluation results in your successful certification, or not.

Where can I buy my medicine?

Approved patients are able to purchase their medicine from one of the 7 Medical Marijuana Organizations located in the counties of Alachua, Gadsden, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, Orange, and Polk.

Go to for more information about KindHealth clinic policies. KindHealth Cancellation Policy.

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For more information on a cannabis card,  read How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida.