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Applying for Life Insurance as a Marijuana User? Avoid Mistakes

Applying for Life Insurance as a Marijuana User? Avoid these Common Mistakes

Applying for life Insurance as a marijuana user? Get all the facts from these life insurance companies before you apply. If you are a marijuana user; either medical or recreational, just be sure to get all the facts. You may be able to save on paying higher premiums.

The Way Life Insurance Companies View, Assess, and Rate Marijuana Usage is Changing...

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana use does NOT automatically disqualify you from getting life insurance. While marijuana use DOES have an impact on the cost of your policy, that does not mean you should forego coverage.

Not all insurers are the same. Each life insurance company has its own guidelines and — as more and more life insurers 'take a fresh look' at how they underwrite marijuana usage — those guidelines are constantly changing.

There are life insurance companies known to be ‘marijuana-friendly’, more progressive, or at least, more lenient. In fact, some are even willing to offer their best prices to marijuana users. But there are some very important things you need to know first — common mistakes to avoid.

“Unfortunately, life insurance underwriters don’t take a low-key view concerning marijuana use. Also, the differences in how they’ll calculate your rate are astonishingly varied— so you must do your due diligence to find the best policy for your needs. That said, the heart of the matter is locating an insurer that won’t designate you as a smoker because you use marijuana. Since the rates for smokers [are] quite often triple —compared to standard non-smoker rates— this is a critical issue.”

Chris Ward, Cannabis Law PA

Factors that Impact the Cost of your Life Insurance as a Marijuana User:

  • Frequency of Use (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Means of Use (smoke, liquid, edibles, pills, etc.)
  • Recreational vs. Medical
  • (if Medical) the Underlying Condition it is Prescribed to Treat
  • High-Risk Habits and Lifestyle Choices

The Best Top-Rated Life Insurance Companies for Marijuana Users (to date):

  • ​AIG
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Mutual of Omaha (United of Omaha)
  • North American
  • Prudential
  • SBLI (Savings Bank)
  • Securian (Minnesota Life)

Life Insurance Rate and Marijuana

Your frequency of marijuana use is a major factor in determining the cost of your life insurance as a marijuana user; quoted rates may depend on if you smoke marijuana daily, weekly, or monthly.

If you use marijuana…..

DAILY – You will most likely be declined by ALL life insurance companies.


PrudentialUp to 3x / WeekStandard Plus Non-Tobacco
Lincoln FinancialUp to 2x / WeekPreferred Non-Tobacco


What does this mean in terms of cost? If a male age 45 in good health / non-tobacco user, buys a $500,000 20 Year Term Life Insurance Policy and only uses marijuana on a limited weekly basis, his cost will be…

  • Lincoln Financial – $58.94/month – Can use up to 2x/week
  • Prudential – $88.38/month – Can use up to 3x/week


Mutual of OmahaUp to 3x / MonthStandard Non-Tobacco
AIGUp to 2x / MonthStandard Non-Tobacco
Securian FinancialUp to 2x / MonthStandard Non-Tobacco
TransamericaUp to 1x / MonthStandard Non-Tobacco
Lincoln FinancialUp to 1x / MonthPreferred Plus Non-Tobacco


What does this mean in terms of cost? If a male age 45 in good health / non-tobacco user, buys a $500,000 20 Year Term Life Insurance Policy and only uses marijuana on a limited monthly basis, his cost will be…

  • Lincoln Financial – $49.44 – Can use up to 1x/month
  • Securian Financial – $63.80 – Can use up to 2x/month
  • AIG – $92.29 – Can use up to 2x/month
  • Transamerica – $100.19 – Can use up to 1x/month
  • Mutual of Omaha – $104.71 – Can use up to 3x/month

What Is The Worst Life Insurance Company To Apply To If You Use Marijuana?

John HancockAny UsageDeclined
Banner LifeAny UsageStandard SMOKER
Protective LifeAny UsageStandard SMOKER


What does this mean in terms of cost? If a male age 45 in good health / non-tobacco user, buys a $500,000 20 Year Term Life Insurance Policy and uses marijuana, he will be considered a SMOKER and his cost will be…

  • Banner Life / Legal & General America – $286.33/month
  • Protective Life – $328.75/month
  • John Hancock – DECLINED

BIG DIFFERENCE!! For a male age 45 who buys a $500,000 20 Year Term Life Insurance Policy and uses marijuana 1x/month. Banner $286.33/month – Lincoln Financial $49.44/month = $236.89/month in COST DIFFERENCE. $236.89/month x 12 months/year x 20 years =$56,853.60 MORE


Latest Sample Rates for Marijuana and Life Insurance

Get the Facts Before You Apply


  • Banner Life
  • Protective Life
  • John Hancock

Insider Tips when Applying for Life Insurance as a Marijuana User:

  • Some life insurance companies (John Hancock, for example) are still very conservative. They will automatically decline an application if you use cannabis— regardless of your reason, situation, OR prescription. Because a decline for life insurance coverage will follow you, it is essential that you speak with an independent broker —openly and honestly, before you apply. We'll make sure you don't apply to THE WRONG COMPANY for your unique circumstances.​​
  • Under NO circumstances should you ever lie about using marijuana (or about anything else, for that matter) when applying for life insurance. Although your medical records are not generally open, they have their ways of verifying the truth. You are almost certain to be declined —BY EVERY INSURER— if you lie. Even 'marijuana-friendly' life insurance companies will decline your application if they 'catch you in a lie' —and THEY WILL catch you!— so always be completely upfront about your marijuana use.
  • Don’t get rated as a “smoker”, if you don’t smoke it!!! Nonsmoker rates are significantly lower, so the means of ingestion definitely matters. That said, regardless of how you consume your marijuana, we urge you —if and when at all possible— to "PEE CLEAN". This advice may sound somewhat contrary to our strong "NEVER LIE" warnings (above), but it isn't. Full disclosure is imperative, but that does not mean your sample has to... 'glow green', so to speak. Testing negative for THC at the time of application can go a long way to improving your insurability. It is ALWAYS BEST to strive for the cleanest possible screening, no matter what your circumstances.
  • ​If you have been prescribed marijuana (i.e. you have a Medical Marijuana Card), your prescription will need to be verified. It is essential to keep in mind that the actual condition the marijuana has been prescribed to treat FAR OUTWEIGHS the impact of your usage —when it comes to life insurance— as a factor in determining the cost of your policy and the likelihood of your approval. Unfortunately, certain serious medical conditions can be virtually uninsurable.
  • Let's face it, whether it is FAIR OR NOT, there is still a stigma attached. As a marijuana user, it is quite likely that your lifestyle will get a 'closer look' (additional scrutiny) during the application process, so it is EXTRA important to keep any/all other risk factors (alcohol consumption, obesity, high-risk travel, or hobbies, extreme sports and, of course, tobacco use) in check.

Why Does it Matter if I Apply to 'The Wrong Company' and Receive an Automatic Decline for Using Marijuana?

A decline in life insurance will always follow you. It will be permanently logged on the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) database and you will always have to answer “YES” to the question “Have you ever been declined for life insurance?” on every life insurance application you fill out for the rest of your life. This may mean you will pay higher rates in the future.

Be sure to consult with an independent broker, before you apply: ​(888) 681-4952

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KindHealth gives special thanks to "" and their blog "" for providing information on life insurance for those using marijuana recreationally. Also, check out these related articles: "The Evolution of Medical Marijuana" and "How Can I Use Cannabis Safely?"

Editor's Note:

Many states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational or medicinal marijuana use. Life insurance companies use table ratings for typical MMJ users. This covers marijuana use affects for the recreational user wanting to buy life insurance. The life insurance industry can be strict in its underwriting guidelines. When you apply for long term life insurance, unlike car insurance, you usually need to take a medical exam. We advise you to not have any THC in your blood and/or urine test when screening. You may want to abstain for a month or so to ensure your urine is clean.

Some companies may rate you more favorably if you admit to marijuana use. Carriers often view recreational marijuana users favorably. Some will offer non-tobacco rates and even their best insurance rates to marijuana users, depending on the number of times per week or times per month you use cannabis. The death benefit may vary.

Some carriers grade marijuana users as tobacco smokers, rendering them eligible for tobacco rates only. These rates can cost 200% more than non-smoker rates. For medical marijuana users, the key factor is the underlying health condition for which it’s prescribed.