Medical Marijuana Doctors Service

Medical Marijuana Doctors Service

Our medical marijuana doctors service provides block leases of furnished medical office space/staff and administration at fixed, market value rates. We accommodate physicians needing either full or part time dedicated compassionate use medical office space. We provide a comfortable setting for medical cannabis doctors prescribing a non-opioid alternative treatment for patients suffering from serious or terminal medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain or spasticity. Cannabis treatment seems a less problematic alternative to opioids in severe pain conditions for appropriate patients in the midst of the opioid epidemic.

Alternative Practice with Cannabis Treatment

Cannabis has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years. Medical cannabis doctors administer it using a variety of methods. Enteral routes include liquid tinctures, vaporizing or smoking dried buds, eating cannabis edibles and taking capsules or lozenges. Dermal patches or oral/dermal sprays are used as well. Medical marijuana produces results similar to opioids when treating patients with cancer related pain. Anti-inflammatory effects also play a role with the pain. Medical marijuana as an adjunct may be an acceptable treatment plan for some. Cannabis provides relief for some experiencing neuropathic pain. Studies show medical marijuana as an effective adjunct in cancer-related complication treatment for nausea and vomiting. Medical marijuana also inhibits growth of certain tumors and is effective in the management of anorexia and cachexia.

Management Services (MSO)

KindHealth leases furnished space/staff to independently contracted medical cannabis doctors, providing administrative and operational support. Payment arrangements are not based on ‘per visit', percentage of revenues or hourly salary models. KindHealth charges a fixed monthly market value rate for management/leasing and staff administration. You keep all other revenue from your medical marijuana physician services while retaining total independence of all clinical decisions. You get all the clinical practice of medicine without the headaches involved in business administration. Our contracts comply with regulatory guidance.


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Assuring proper physician credentialing and patient registration with the compassionate use registry is an overwhelming endeavor. KindHealth builds, maintains and streamlines your file submission to reduce processing time, and expedite your Compassionate Use program participation.


In the specialty of Florida's Compassionate Use program, compliance is not just record-keeping. State medical boards target cannabis practices not fitting their 'ideal practice' model. Physicians failing compliance with medico-legal requirements pay thousands of dollars in legal costs, if not surrender their medical license. Strict regulatory adherence to all state, federal, FBME and DEA regulations adherence is critically essential. The KindHealth system was created to aggressively audits its own processes, records, and data and respond appropriately. KindHealth strictly complies with creating a sustainable practice model.

Physician Independence/Control of Patient Records

KindHealth develops and provides clinical guidelines and care standards for the practice. Physicians remain totally independent in their patient decision making and retain control of their patient records.

KindHealth Medical Cannabis Doctors Clinics

KindHealth desires to be the medical cannabis evaluation clinic of choice in the communities in which it operates. Our services are designed to improve the quality of life of both our patient and physician clients. Our sustainable model is based on extensive patient cannabis education by both physician and staff. KindHealth's system is designed to optimize physician teaching time while keeping clinic flow manageable. See why physicians choose KindHealth.

Let KindHealth Provide your Medical Marijuana Doctors Service

  • Dedicated medical clinic space for your Compassionate Use practice
  • Compassionate Use program compliance services
  • Compassionate Use patient compliance monitoring (as necessary)
  • Florida Compassionate Use physician registration and credentialing
  • Extensive patient education of medical cannabis related issues
  • Financial and revenue cycle management
  • Accounting, billing and collection services
  • Banking and use of lock boxes
  • Proprietary medical cannabis-specific software and hardware support
  • Operational management, staff and office supplies
  • Patient satisfaction surveys

Physician Networking Opportunities

Central location near 3 South Miami medical systems; Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Jackson Memorial, encouraging effective, convenient physician networking.