As a Patient can I Grow my Own Plants?

As a Patient can I Grow my Own Plants?

As a Patient can I Grow my Own Plants?

NO.     Patients with a medical marijuana card or their caregivers are NOT allowed to self cultivate their own plants. Only registered Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers are able to grow, cultivate or process medical marijuana. This is an unfortunate aspect of the Florida Amendment. Cannabis cultivation is left to 'Big Pharma' type companies. While some states allow patients to grow their own (Colorado allows up to 99 medical marijuana plants), our state is not one of them.

In Florida, the law is clear: growing marijuana plants for personal or medical use is illegal. Despite over 300,000 residents holding medical marijuana cards, the state maintains strict control over cultivation. A single case in 2018 allowed one patient to grow plants for a specific medical regimen, but this remains an exception, not the rule12.

Currently, a proposal is in motion to change this, aiming to permit medical marijuana patients and caregivers to cultivate cannabis at home. If successful, this amendment could appear on the 2024 ballot3. Until then, Floridians must adhere to existing laws, purchasing their medical marijuana through approved channels.

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