Does Marijuana Help Muscle Growth And Recovery?

Does Marijuana Help Muscle Growth And Recovery?

Marijuana Help Muscle Growth


In recent years, many countries have become a part of the cannabis revolution by legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana. Ever since then, cannabis has become a new buzz word, attracting attention from scientists and marketers like never before. Internet testimonials are raving about the health benefits of the herb with thousands of users testifying it.

People are making fair use of cannabis to simplify and enjoy everyday life experiences. So, whether it is conventional yoga or weight training exercises, people are not shying away from adding this herb to their fitness regimen as well. Some particular properties and its ability to blend well with our system make cannabis one of the most effective herbs. Let us find out in detail if marijuana can bring a substantial change in muscle growth journey.

Role of Marijuana in Muscle Growth

Muscle hypertrophy i.e., the expansion in the diameter, volume, and inner strength of the muscle fiber is only possible when it undergoes a series of damage and repair. So a novice lifter usually relies upon a variety of exercises and training to break down muscles and later replenish it with a nutritious diet. It is through a combination of exercise and quality supplements like Syn pharma tablets, one can achieve muscle growth.  

However, the muscle growth journey cannot be mapped as a straight-line trajectory.  There will be days when you will notice a substantial change in muscles, while there will be others where you feel stagnant. So fitness enthusiasts are always in search of ways to overcome the plateau phase in the muscle growth journey. Surprisingly, it is not only the extra weight on the bar that brings muscle growth but a whole lot of our internal chemistry that drives muscle growth.

There are many ways how cannabis affects your internal chemistry that might be fruitful for a lifter.

1.   It Can Eventuate Supporting Hormones

A study published in the journal Andrology indicates a positive relationship between the use of cannabis and the growth hormone testosterone. Since testosterone is directly related to muscle growth and strength, micro-dosing on cannabis can play a significant role in muscle growth. 

2.   It May Help in Better Motor Control

Cannabis binds with the CB receptors in the endocannabinoid system to bring a series of mood-altering effects. It not only provides high-energy for sustainable workout performance but also increases focus for better motor control. Thus helping in perfecting your consolidated and compound exercise movements. Better execution means hitting the target muscle for optimal results.

Marijuana Help Muscle Growth


3.   It Can Support Good Eating Habits

As soon as you finish the workout, the body shifts its energy in healing microscopic damage caused in the muscle fiber. Naturally, you will feel the urge to fill the empty reservoirs of your energy. But the exertion from the workout and poor eating habits can hinder you from eating well, especially right after the workout. Eating on a surplus is pertinent for muscle growth. Gladly, cannabis not only gives munchies for you to eat well, but it also helps in the proper absorption of nutrition. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis come useful in handling gut and digestive tract inflammation that usually occurs due to protein-rich meal portions.

Role of Marijuana in Muscle Recovery

Muscle recovery is one of the most important aspects of muscle training. It is not during the exercise but during the rest period when muscle growth occurs. It is for the same reason that all top trainers and athletes suggest 1-2 days of rest. Cannabis can take care of the everyday recovery needs of the body by taking care of these major elements mentioned below.

1.   Combat Pain and Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are a prominent part of training sessions and all fitness lovers are accustomed to it. However, sometimes the pain interferes with the performance and increases the risk of injury. Consistent inflammation can turn into a serious issue like chronic arthritis or muscle spasm. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the pain and inflammation in check. For this purpose, many lifters rely on painkillers and ibuprofen, which come with several side-effects.

Cannabis is a natural way to keep inflammation and pain away. It binds with the CB receptors in the ECS system and helps control pain and inflammation. Thus a vape session after workout can help you combat muscle soreness. 

2.   Supports Recovery Rest

Not having enough sleep can adversely affect your workout. It is during sleep that the body utilizes protein to repair muscles. Unless a  proper rest period is designated you may not get the desired change in the muscle mass or the volume. Not all cannabis strains bring energy enhancing effects.

The CBD dominant cannabis strains are popular for their relaxing effects. They reduce anxiety in the brain and help muscle the mind and the body. The CBD compound in cannabis also reduces dreaming and REM during deep sleep cycles to induce sound sleep.

The Bottom Line

What type of cannabis strain to choose depends on the purpose of its use. You can inculcate THC dominant strain in your pre-workout for more energy, or CBD dominant strain for post-workout recovery. Consider taking expert advice to find the right dosage to support your workout needs.

Does Marijuana Help Muscle Growth And Recovery

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