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The Best Way to Consume CBD Oil for Better Fitness

The Best Way to Consume CBD Oil for Better Fitness

Most people don’t know the benefits of CBD. Many athletes have found the best way to consume CBD oil for better fitness. Those who discover the therapeutic benefits of CBD find these products an essential supplement to their workouts.

You must be telling yourself “I don’t want to get ‘high’ just after exercise.” What you don’t know is that CBD is not psychoactive like THC, and it will not get you ‘high.

CBD is beneficial for both pre-workout and muscle recovery after exercise. After an intense workout, you may feel sore, tense, and tired. Many people take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Ibuprofen to numb these symptoms.

The disadvantage of NSAID is they come with many adverse effects, especially when used regularly. CBD offers a more potent but far less toxic alternative.

CBD has many beneficial properties that come in handy for people who love exercise. It treats pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, and the seeds help with insomnia and reducing stress. It is an all-in-one drug.

There are several methods to take CBD, depending on the desired outcome. It’s typically sold as CBD oil that can come prepared in various ways.

How you can Consume CBD Oil

1.    Tincture

The most common way CBD is sold is in the form of oil called a tincture. This simply involves extracting the CBD from hemp or cannabis and infusing it in oil.

CBD is generally infused with vegetable glycerin or alcohol. However, fractionated coconut oil, olive oil, and hemp oil are the best options because the body absorbs them more easily.


CBD tincture is sold in tiny bottles. The bottle cap has an attached dropper that you simply fill to the level you wish and apply it under your tongue. You can also add the drops in your food or drinks.

This is one of the preferred ways to administer CBD as the region has an abundant supply of blood capillaries that readily absorb and transport the CBD directly into the bloodstream. CBD can let you naturally manage your pain without having to partake painkillers with massive amounts of side-effects.

Tinctures are best after a workout as the effects set in about 15 minutes and can last for six hours. This gives maximum effects to the muscles and prevents pain and inflammation caused by a heavy workout.

2.    Vape Oil

You can also buy CBD in the form of CBD vape oil for vaporization or dabbing. This is ideal if you enjoy vaping. You can buy the liquid in a bottle and simply refill it at your convenience.

You can also buy vape oil in a cartridge. While the cartridge can be reliable, you can only use it with a battery. So, you’ll have to attach the cartridge to a battery and then discharge the oil as directed.

Vape oil also comes in an e-cig style. This is just like smoking and batteries or additional devices are not required. All you have to do is puff and inhale the vapor.

Most people prefer vaping due to its quick delivery. The effects are felt in a few minutes. The only drawback of vaping is that the effects don’t last long.

Vaping is ideal for pre-workout as the effects kick in immediately and will last for about four hours, providing ample time to exercise. Vape oil can help convert the white cells into energy utilizing brown fat Vape oil.

Vaping provides instant effects and can be extremely beneficial for people suffering from various ailments who need a quick solution

3.    Topicals for Muscle Recovery

CBD is also sold as balms, sprays, paste, or cream for topical applications. Topicals are creams that contain CBD. Topicals are best for pain management, making them suitable for post-workout pain and soreness. You can apply the topicals on your skin.

To target a specific muscle or joint, CBD topical is just what you need. Yet, with the low permeability of the skin, you’ll need to take a high dose to get effective results. Alternatively, you can have access to full-spectrum CBD oil Canada to get rid of muscle pain and inflammation.

4.    CBD Edibles

You've probably come across CBD gummies since they are available at many outlets. Although they are one of the most popular edible CBD products, CBD is sold in the form of capsules, drink powders, popcorn, and coconut oil.


These products have a measured amount of CBD. If you are into sweets, you need to know how many you should eat to avoid consuming too much CBD.

Softgel capsules take time to digest, and it may take up to 45 minutes before the effects set in. The good thing is that the effects will last for about eight hours, making them ideal for extensive workouts or exercise (if you take them pre-workout).

5.    CBD-Infused Bath Bombs

Everyone loves a shower after working out. A long warm bath is also a great way to relax after a heavy exercise.

Do you love the feeling and freshness of a shower? Now, imagine adding a tinge of CBD to that feeling. You will turn your bath into a fantastic and relaxing massage.

CBD-infused bath bombs allow CBD to flow into every section of your body. Bath bombs come in various aromas and strengths.

When infused into warm water, the oil penetrates your skin as you inhale the vapor. This allows you to get both internal and external effects of CBD at the same time. It’s like combining edibles and topicals.


CBD is an ideal pre- and post-workout supplement. Its most significant advantage is it doesn’t have any adverse side effects. It’s also a naturally-occurring compound, making it quite safe.

When you consume CBD oil, it also has mood-elevating properties that alleviate stress. Therefore, it can help get you in the mood for your exercise routine. Thus, with these high spirits, you can focus and train more efficiently.

After exercise, the analgesic effects can help numb the pain from heavy training. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent your muscles from becoming sore.

Best Way to Consume CBD Oil for Better Fitness

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