Is Cannabis Flower Legal in Florida?

Is Cannabis Flower Legal in Florida?

Is Cannabis Flower Legal in Florida?

YES      In Florida, the status of cannabis flower hinges on its use. With the signing of Florida SB 182 on March 18, 2019 overturning the ban on smoking cannabis, medical cannabis patients are now able to obtain whole cannabis flower in prepackaged forms and/or pre-rolls. For medical purposes, it’s a green light. Patients with a valid cannabis card can legally obtain and use cannabis flower. Remember, it must be in compliance with state regulations.

Is Recreational Flower Legal in Florida

For recreational use, however, it’s a no-go. Florida law currently prohibits the recreational possession and use of cannabis flower. Stay informed and adhere to the law to ensure your use of cannabis flower is both legal and beneficial for your health in the Sunshine State. Simple, lawful, and health-conscious—that’s the way to go in Florida.

Patients with physician recommendations for smokable cannabis are allowed up to 2.5 oz. every 35 days and possess up to 4 oz. of cannabis flower at one time. Larger amounts are possible, although there is a process involved. While it is legal for patients to smoke flower, it is important to remember that consuming cannabis in public by smoking, vaping or otherwise is still illegal. Avoid penalties for illegal possession.

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How to Get your Medical Marijuana Card and Get Legal

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