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Does the Federal Government Classify Marijuana as Legal?

Does the Federal Government Classify Marijuana as Legal?

NO.     Federal law treats cannabis like all other controlled substances such as cocaine and heroin; dangerous illegal drugs with no acceptable medicinal value that should not be used even under doctor supervision. Why did the government classify marijuana as illegal? There are political, legal, health and racial reasons. Federal cannabis laws are very serious, and punishment for people found guilty is frequently very steep. Fortunately state governments determine the existence of medical marijuana programs. For the most part, the federal government honors the laws established by the medical marijuana programs of each state.

Recent Developments

There is increasing advocacy for the U.S. government classify marijuana as legal. They have recently taken significant steps to change its DEA category. While not legalizing it outright for recreational use, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is set to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, moving it from Schedule I to Schedule III. This shift acknowledges marijuana’s medical uses and its lower potential for abuse compared to more dangerous drugs. It’s a historic move that could pave the way for more research and ease restrictions, reflecting a changing perspective on cannabis at the federal level.

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