About Us | KindHealth Medical Marijuana Doctors

About Us | KindHealth Medical Marijuana Doctors

Our Roots Run Deeper

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. However, the KindHealth Medical Marijuana Doctors journey into a bright and legal medical cannabis future started with thousands of steps deeply rooted in Dr. Gentry Dunlop’s professional career.

During his 25-year plus service as an internist and geriatrician, he cared for myriads of patients with various chronic and debilitating diseases. While treating these patients, he observed that many of them developed liver, kidney, stomach, addiction, and other side effects that are common with traditional opioid, anti-anxiety, or anti-seizure drugs. Unfortunately, some of these adverse reactions were difficult to manage, and hence, resulted in emergency-room or hospital visits.

Consequently, Dr. Dunlop was inspired to seek more natural and less toxic treatments for his patients. After researching and comparing the side effects of conventional drugs, to his surprise he discovered that medical cannabis was a safer and better option. After retirement from conventional medicine, he used his marijuana advocacy and experience to offer healthier marijuana treatment alternatives to the nation’s suffering millions.

Moreover, Dr. Dunlop was inspired by the lack of access to medical cannabis. In response, he founded the KindHealth Medical Marijuana Doctors clinic in 2018 to create an easier, safer, and accessible alternative to patient assessments for legal medical cannabis use. Since then, KindHealth has dedicated its efforts to delivering high-quality medical marijuana evaluations, certification, and treatment of all patients who meet Florida’s legal requirements. Moreover, these marijuana-based solutions are affordable.

Our vision is one of a nation where patients are free to access the most effective, least harmful, prescription strength medicine for their various medical conditions. Therefore, we work towards a nation with more medical marijuana, less opioid use, better health, and an enhanced quality of life.

“The confidence we have in the benefits of

medical marijuana nurtures our belief that

every patient who needs a card should have one.”

KindHealth Charts a New Direction

KindHealth plunges into uncharted waters dogged by antiquated marijuana stigma and demonization. Here are three compelling reasons for their new direction:

  • One, most of the conventional prescriptions Dr. Dunlop handled for more than 25 years did not address the adverse side effects they have on patients. In addition, they created a cycle of dependency on costly pharmaceutical medications.
  • Two, the modern pharmaceutical lobby has sunken into a commercialization and profiteering abyss that benefits a few dominant companies at the expense of suffering patients.
  • Three, the ‘reefer madness’ script demonizing cannabis since the 1930s needed to be rewrite to the clarify facts for the average American person blinded by the false and miserably failed “war on drugs”. Dr. Dunlop established KindHealth to prove cannabis is indeed one of the many medicinally rich plants with “roots in Divine Providence”, to debunk the myth it is “the devil’s weed with roots in hell.” Ever since, he has remained true to the cause by offering accurate patient education regarding the many hidden benefits of medical and legal marijuana.

Same Goal, Better Approach

Though we use a non-conventional approach—medical cannabis—KindHealth’s goal remains the same.

We seek to enable you and your family to enjoy sound health, which is your greatest wealth. Moreover, we aim to help you to choose the most effective and appropriate treatment for various medical conditions. That is why our unconventional approach is medically and legally safe.

Walking Toward a Blissful Future, Together

Lastly, our story lacks value and meaning without you—the starring character. You and your family are the reason why we began this journey, and hence, we cannot end it without you on board. So, we welcome you to join our revolutionary story and journey into a bright “canna-future” together. This way, you complete the missing link and enjoy quality cannabis-based healthcare in the following areas:

  • Severe/chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Hepatitis C
  • Parkinson disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Other debilitating conditions
  • Terminal illness
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis

Besides, you enjoy the following when you entrust us with your family’s health:

  • Expert knowledge and experience: With a vast wealth of experience spanning beyond a quarter a century, KindHealth physicians offer precise attention to all your health needs. You and your family can rest securely in seasoned hands.
  • Value and values: At KindHealth, we offer you a perfect blend of values and value. We adhere to all legal and ethical provisions to ensure that our dealings with you are above board. Our desire to give you value for your money stems from our shared values of integrity and honesty.
  • Passion and compassion: As you join the capable and experienced team at KindHealth, you will also enjoy passion tempered with compassion. The KindHealth medical marijuana doctors approach their work with compassion and passion owing to the founder’s passion for cannabis advocacy and care for the suffering millions.


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