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Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Medical Marijuana Prices

Beginner's Guide to Understanding Medical Marijuana Prices in Florida

The legalization of medical marijuana is relatively new to our state, but the industry developing rapidly with cannabis use on the rise. Getting up-to-speed on medical marijuana prices and the cost of cannabis with the many different components that go into determining cannabis price points can be daunting. Beyond just the cannabis price itself, there are a variety of other factors to take into consideration. We’ve compiled this simple list to help you navigate the various medical marijuana prices in Florida and understand exactly what to expect.

1. Evaluation Visit with Qualified Doctor

This cost of cannabis evaluations (aka recommendations) ranges widely. Visiting a specialty clinic for an evaluation in Florida is, on average, about $250 for new medical marijuana patients. BUT, be careful not to let that price mislead you and frame your expectations of the cost of cannabis recommendations in the state. There are high-quality, state-approved medical ordering physicians that offer evaluation visits for only $185 as well as free refills and no hidden fees. And if you’re a veteran, some marijuana clinics only charge $145 for the first evaluation.
To legally enter a Florida dispensary and purchase medical marijuana of any kind from, a state-certified doctor or specialty clinic has to to provide you with a recommendation as a prerequisite. Only licensed cannabis physicians can register you with the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry. But the benefits of having only highly-qualified doctors in charge of marijuana evaluations are just like any type of medical doctor out there today. Licensed doctors have the proven experience, know-how and credentials to prescribe specific medical cannabis products, strains and dosages in order to properly alleviate and, in some cases, even cure targeted ailments and disabilities.

2. Florida Registration Fee

Another component to consider when taking a look at current medical marijuana prices in Florida is the registration fee. Once a recommendation is obtained, the price of a medical marijuana card (MMID) itself, which is paid to the state, is $75. Both Florida dispensaries and cannabis delivery providers are required by state law to verify the legitimacy of your MMID card and confirm your identity before you can access your cannabis health aids. MMID cards are currently available in the 30 states where medical cannabis is legal. Though the requirements to get a MMID card vary from state to state.

3. Medical Marijuana Prices in Florida

Medical cannabis comes in all kinds of forms, colors, shapes and styles. Delivery methods include everything from tinctures, oils and capsules, to vaping, topical creams, patches and even cannabis suppositories. The cost of cannabis varies based on your chosen medical marijuana method, the manufacturer your doctor orders your medication from, and your cannabis doctor’s policies. For example, you can get four '2-month refills' for free when ordering from the right marijuana doctor.

Trulieve is the largest “seed-to-sale” cannabis company approved by the DOH. The manufacturer and distributor provides a range of products at dispensaries and via delivery. Their products include vapes, pens, ground flower for vaporizing, tincture droplet bottles, topical sunscreen and lotions, concentrates, nasal sprays—the list goes on and on.
● Pens. Trulieve vape pens, which are frequently used by Florida patients, range from only $20 to $74. If you’re on a tight budget, there are also cheap vape pens for just $15 or $20 at dispensaries across the state that work just fine. CuraLeaf also sells cheap vape pens that have a push button on them for only $10.
● Nasal Spray. Trulieve’s nasal spray, which is primarily used to stop seizures and has a 20:1 THC to CBD ratio, is currently on the market for $120, but this should last well over a year based on the average dose (5 mg, 2 times a day). But of course, recommended dosage varies for every patient.
● Tinctures. Trulieve’s tincture droplet bottles are $70 for 500mg. Options include pure CBD tinctures and ones with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.
● Oil. Sativa, indica and hybrid full spectrum cannabis oils are available for around $60 and lasts, on average, about 3 months. Full spectrum CBD oil contains all of the 400+ therapeutic chemical (and bioactive) compounds in the complex cannabis/hemp plant including more than 60 cannabinoids as well as nourishing fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, fibers, chlorophyll, flavonoids and terpenes. These products can be used with Trulieve’s concentrate pen, which is $50 but should last a lifetime if used correctly.
● Concentrates. Their pure cannabis oil extract concentrate (aka hash oil, hashish, sinsemilla, etc.) has a 1:1:1 Delta-8 THC to Delta-9 THC to CBD ratio and is about $42 for a 30-day supply. They also have sativa and hybrid concentrates with a 20:1 THC to CBD ratio that goes for about $35 per 30-day supply. These concentrates are made for use with a vaporizer they’re priced at $35. Their topical syringe are available in a variety of THC and CBD ratios. These amount to only a $21 cannabis price point for a 30-day supply.
● Topicals. The CBD and THC topical creams and sunscreens produced and delivered by Trulieve is priced at $48 for a monthly supply. A 30-day supply of CuraLeaf’s topical THC balm equates to a cost of cannabis price point of only about $22. Trulieve also have a wide range of 10mg and 50mg capsules available—ranging from $28 to $72 for a month’s worth—that are either heavy on the CBD side or predominantly THC extracted from different sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis flowers. Many patents choose to go the topical or capsule route simply because these options tend to be easier and possibly safer in terms of overall health than other applications.
● Vaps. If you have some extra upfront money to spare and want to “go big” now and save later, getting a Volcano Vaporizer is an incredibly health-conscious way to deliver medical cannabis. It’s also a product built to last. The tabletop volcano that’s currently sold by Trulieve is $750. But then again, volcanoes are hailed as the king of cannabis equipment. Because volcanoes activate the medicine without burning it, this intake method is free from the carcinogens or other toxins that smoking cannabis produces. Using a volcano also allows you to enjoy the full healing potential of cannabinoids. While it’s one of the most expensive of potential medical marijuana prices in Florida, it’s worth looking into and talking to your cannabis doctor about.

4. Dispensary Charges & Cannabis Delivery Fee

Florida dispensary prices vary. If you prefer a dispensary to be your medical cannabis “point of sale”, they tend to carry products with the average dose of about 100 milligrams. The cost of cannabis price of which is anywhere between $500 and $750 each month for “average” users. But if you go with the state-certified delivery options to obtain your medicinal products, the only extra charge you need to factor in (besides the wholesale price of the marijuana product itself) is the cannabis delivery fee. The exact amount varies by company though. Surterra for example, a popular medical cannabis producer and distributor, charges a $10 cannabis delivery fee and Trulieve, the staple “seed-to-sale” company, charges $25. CuraLeaf delivers for free if you live in Dade County, and if you live within 4 hours of Dade County, the distributor charges a $25 cannabis delivery fee.

5. MMID Card Renewal Process & Fee

Medical cannabis certification in the state of Florida is only good for one year. The DOH requires recommendations to be renewed every 210 days (i.e. about every 7 months). This entails submitting a renewal form to the DOH 45 prior to your current MMID card’s expiration date. This cut-off date is printed on the front of the card. A $75 processing fee is required in order to submit the application. Medical cannabis doctors that send you reminders of your MMID expiration date to make things easy for you are highly recommended.

6. Cost of Cannabis Re-evaluation Doctor Visits

In order to complete step 5 above and reapply for medical cannabis certification and a new MMID card, you have to be re-evaluated and re-recommended by a qualified marijuana doctor or specialty clinic every year to avoid any legal burdens. Some doctors may charge you the same for your follow-up visits as they do for the initial evaluation. But with the right doctor, you can get discounted 210-day follow-ups.

7. Potential Fees for Unfortunate Situations

Sometimes, thing just happen. What are some fees that could potentially be added on top of the medical marijuana prices in Florida?
● Replacement Fees. If you lose your MMID card or if it’s stolen (and you’re a qualified Florida patient), you have to submit a copy of your state-issued driver’s license or valid ID card, a $15 replacement fee, along with the “Change, Replacement or Surrender Request” form to the DOH.
● Fines for Not Presenting MMID. In order to verify that you are indeed on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, you have to be able to cough up your MMID card to law enforcement officers if you’re stopped for any reason with medical cannabis in Florida. According to state law, it’s a 2nd degree misdemeanor if a qualified patient (or his/her registered caregiver) is in possession of medical cannabis or any type of marijuana delivery equipment, and either can’t or refuses to present his/her physical MMID card to law enforcement. This is considered a serious transgression in that state that can get you up to 60 days in jail, a $500 fine and potential lawyer fees.

Medical Marijuana Prices in Florida mrijuana. The cost of cannabis, cannabis price and cannabis delivery fee need to be considered.

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