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KindHealth Doctors best marijuana Dispensary list

KindHealth's Best Marijuana Dispensary List

Here's our choices for a best marijuana dispensary list. We compiled our list using the personal experiences of our staff, friends and clients. Each dispensary grows their medicinal cannabis locally. Product is then packaged and sold in licensed Florida dispensaries. Each store is its own universe with regard to selection and quality. Our clients often leave positive feedback about their experience in these quality stores. At each site we considered both the quality and variety of the medicine; the 'budtender' knowledge and friendliness; and proximity to the KindHealth clinic. Personal preferences include edibles vs vaping vs flower, or Indica vs Sativa. Please let us know if you do not see your favorite one here.

Who Can Apply for a Marijuana Card?

The state medical marijuana program is not recreational. Only Florida residents are allowed to apply for a cannabis card. You must be able to show Florida residency. You must also have one of the Florida medical marijuana conditions that the state requires. If you do, call us to get an evaluation from our doctor. We will approve you on the same day! Once the state reviews your application, you will be able to go into any of these best marijuana dispensary list stores in no time. Call us now to schedule your visit and start the process. Get legal today. 786.953.6838

KindHealth Medical Marijuana OMMU Registry

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