How do I use my medical marijuana card (MMID)?

Patients and legal representatives should carry their Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card (MMID) at all times. You MUST present your card to a medical marijuana treatment center to purchase your marijuana or a marijuana delivery device. Also, showing your card to law enforcement is very helpful in assisting in verifying that you are on the […]

How do I order my refill?

Florida law allows for a prescription of only up to 70 days worth of cannabis medicine and patients must get 2 more refills for a total of 210 days to maintain their supply. When you call for a refill, our doctors will contact you to assess if your last prescription was effective and if there […]

Can I change my marijuana doctor?

YES.    The Medical Marijuana Registry now allows patients to easily change their marijuana card doctor, for whatever reason, by following the prompts on the patient website profile.

Are there dispensaries in the state of Florida?

YES.      Florida dispensaries are called Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs) and are open statewide. Patients must have their temporary or permanent card ‘in hand’ to be able to access and purchase from them. Click here for a list of Florida Dispensary Locations. This list of MMTCs is also provided on the state Medical Marijuana Use […]

I have my cannabis card now what do I do?

Your cannabis card can now be used to buy marijuana at any of the state-licensed Florida dispensaries. If you have any questions about orders or recommendations from your doctor, call us at (786) 953-6838, and we will be happy to assist you. You will need to get recertification on your prescription every seven months. Call […]