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22:23 25 Mar 23
Very good place to get your health check done. Staff knows what they are doing. Good parking lot.
15:32 25 Mar 23
My visit to get advice on my medical condition was dealt with effectively. The assistant and the doctor was very good.
18:03 23 Feb 23
Came in as a walk-in for new registration and was in and out. The big plus was the staff was tender and amazing!!!
15:14 18 Feb 23
I finally broke down and went for my MMJ card. I had a fantastic experience using Doc Gentry and his Medical Physician. Colorful little building on 79th street with parking on the side. Could not be friendlier or more accommodating. Also $100 cheaper than some of the stuck up Docs in Broward. They know all the “ins & outs” of the industry and state laws. Gentry made the process smooth as silk. I “highly” recommend KindHealth in Miami! I already referred a couple friends… really nice people and quick and efficient service (rare for SoFlo)!
02:07 18 Feb 23
Great customer service, friendly staff,easy process.
18:32 30 Jan 23
Recently went in for my first visit and I had an amazing experience. Dr Gentry was super nice, very informative and welcoming. He explained and guided me throughout the process with a lot of patience. And Dr Ferguson was very kind and empathetic, he listened carefully to figure out my plan of care and gave me very clear information. Overall was a great experience, very professional, and they really took the time explain things, you can tell they care about their patients. Thanks a lot Dr Gentry and Dr Ferguson!
15:32 21 Jan 23
Very quick and efficient doctors were super helpful and very kind. Took about 20 minutes and was very thorough . Got in the medical database same day. Would highly recommend
01:58 30 Nov 22
The whole experience was easy and straight to the point, Mr.Gentry has been very attentive and very helpful in every possible way he can. I am very satisfied with the whole process. As well Dr.Garcia as my doctor is fantastic. I recommend anyone and everyone to go with KindHealth “ Your health is in Kind hands” Thank You!!
01:12 07 Nov 22
If your inquiring for a medical card I highly recommend KindHealth you will not be disappointed. I was very pleased and extremely happy with the entire process I was able to get approval and prescriptions the same day….Thank you again Mr. Gentry and Dr. Garcia for helping me through this process and also being so welcoming, helpful and informative.
14:56 25 Oct 22
Gentry was very helpful! Plus the Doctor was very nice. The place was very clean and A1 customer service! I wasnt there long which made me very happy. I am sending love to this place.From Leah Villalobos💖
21:36 14 Oct 22
They were quick to respond, everyone was super attentive and it was a really nice place to go to. Highly recommend!
15:59 08 Oct 22
This place is great!! The front desk gentlemen was very friendly and helped me get a prescription quickly! The prescription was inputted by the doctor right then and there, no waiting unlike other doctors I’ve been to. I highly recommend coming here. No appointment needed, I was out and done within 10-15 mins. Definitely coming back!
15:09 01 Sep 22
15:33 21 Aug 22
The Drs are extremely knowledgeable. As a first time patient, I had many questions, that they answered thoroughly and patiently. They are very professional, I would totally recommend KindHealth to anybody, and will definitely come back.
22:22 05 Aug 22
I stumbled upon KindHealth and called a couple times and every phone call was friendly & informative! If you’re in search for a place to get your medical card, Dr. Gentry & Dr. Codella were very welcoming and made the whole process super smooth. I was in and out in less than an hour!
16:41 02 Jul 22
My experience was impeccable and I was informed and cared for with ease. I Highly recommend for anyone. Thank you so much “KindHealth”
21:27 18 Jun 22
Fantastic clinic. I used their services today on a Saturday. Very friendly, professional and easy to get an appointment. Their fees are lower than the others. I highly recommend.
16:06 12 Jun 22
INCREDIBLE! Amazing service, fast, efficient, friendly. I could go on! They even have parking! Don’t go anywhere else, you don’t need to.
00:25 01 Jun 22
I’d recommend anyone to go here, or if your like me and don't know where to start to come here. The moment you go into the office you feel welcome. Mr. Gentry and Dr. Garcia were incredibly friendly, compassionate and made me feel more at ease. Naturally I was nervous (because that's what I do). I’m very happy to be going back there again for all card related matters or questions. Amazing staff (who do care) . 5 stars.
17:50 19 May 22
11:24 18 May 22
01:34 20 Apr 22
I went in around 1145 and was out before 1…. It is a professional office with professional workers… The doctor made sure I understood everything and made it clear…. M.G also was great he got me exactly what I needed and guided me throughout the whole process… I would recommend this office to anyone… Great team and keep it up thank you
15:06 10 Apr 22
If I could rate this location 6 stars, I would. Between the homey, relaxing music and the up-to-date expertise from the Doctor’s made this a super rewarding experience. I heard that it can get a little busy sometimes, as places do, but rest assured, you’ll always feel acknowledged and supported. Before I realized that I was waiting, I found myself swaying to the catchy music. I’d take advantage and ask as many questions as you can, because they’ll review anything and everything with you. Above and beyond, 10/10. Tell the office kitty-cat that I say hi. Enjoy!
16:14 09 Apr 22
Very friendly and attentive. Super relaxing atmosphere. It feels great to work with people who treat you like a human versus another dollar. And best prices in miami!! I know! I called every doctor lol
02:22 31 Mar 22
Great experience - Gentry was informative and helpful throughout the entire process. I would recommend to friends.
23:57 21 Mar 22
03:03 20 Mar 22
Visiting KindHealth was just the most pleasant experience. It's a lovely, calm space, and both the owner and doctor have calming, welcoming presences. They explain everything carefully and make sure you understand the steps and details. I could not have wished for a better med-office experience.
20:04 19 Mar 22
15:23 11 Feb 22
The name says it all. Gentry was incredibly kind and knowledgeable, happy to answer all my questions while walking me through the process as a new patient. The Doctor was thoughtful, compassionate and took his time to evaluate me as a patient. Will certainly be back for my renewal, when the time comes.
22:53 10 Feb 22
We had a great experience at KindHealth. Gentry and the Doctor are very kind and assisted us with our alternative medicine needs. All questions were answered diligently. We highly recommend KindHealth. Best price and service in South Florida.
14:55 08 Feb 22
This place is absolutely wonderful I would highly recommend them gentry was busy but on point and the doctor was very informative on everything I learned things I wasn't even aware of the doctor was very good
22:11 04 Feb 22
This place is great! The receptionist is always so kind and helpful with any questions you may have. And the doctor is really caring and compassionate toward he patients. He advised me really well on what to use and how to use it for the best effect. Definitely going back to renew my card here.
03:07 31 Jan 22
23:20 29 Jan 22
17:32 13 Jan 22
Great experience. The doctor, the staff, the place, the process, everything was great! They were super nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend it!
21:41 23 Dec 21
First time going there and really liked the Dr. And owner.. fast and easy and really good service. Thanks Guys
17:52 16 Dec 21
17:44 16 Dec 21
Top notch service, responds quickly, on time follow-ups and always a friendly voice behind. Excellent!
11:52 08 Dec 21
15:28 27 Nov 21
04:08 25 Nov 21
18:32 16 Nov 21
Its was great..i needed to renew my card, and they walked me through every step of the way..fantastic
22:37 14 Nov 21
Friendly, professional, and very knowledgable. Thanks!
09:20 16 Sep 21
Really good people that guide you through the process. Will definitely recommend them.
06:33 29 Aug 21
20:14 28 Aug 21
Really patient, understanding, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Overall great experience.
17:49 26 Aug 21
Amazing experience! The owner was more than happy to help and answer any question. By far the best choice for doctor help in miami. Best prices. Great service. Veteran approved!
17:26 17 Aug 21
I thought it would be much harder to apply for a medical marijuana card. The personnel at KindHealth explained everything and made the application process so easy. I look forward to working with KindHealth for my future health needs.
23:49 25 Jun 21
23:32 20 Jun 21
Although I came in without an appointment the whole process was really fast. Really nice and knowledgeable doctor. Great staff!
20:01 08 May 21
16:47 06 May 21
doctors were very calm and professional helping me figure out the best form of intake/ method of cannabis use for my specific problem.Gentry was very nice and answered any questions me and my friend had.overall it was a nice, calm, and pleasant visit.
20:44 01 May 21
Warm welcome from the minute you walk through the door. Staff extremely professional will walk you and explain the process from beginning to end looking forward to start alternative medicine.
18:29 27 Apr 21
Fantastic establishment, pleasant staff , amazing doctor. the office has such good energy, I didn't want to leave. So happy to have found KindHealth . Thank you
17:51 16 Apr 21
I really enjoyed the service and friendly disposition of the staff. The price was great. I'd recommend anyone to go here. There are next day slots available to see a a marijuana doctor. Check it out
17:11 15 Apr 21
Quick, Pro and to the point.. Doctor and staff have a lot of knowledge on taking care of patiences . Very friendly environment. Highly recommended! ✌🏻💁🏽‍♂️🤙🏼
18:20 14 Apr 21
Gentry was fantastic and so was the doctor! Very informative and all around friendly and welcoming.
15:49 12 Apr 21
03:37 12 Apr 21
What an amazing and easy experience. Gentry was very professional. Dr King as always very polite and knowledgeable. Thank you guys very much!
06:47 11 Apr 21
21:23 03 Apr 21
21:24 02 Apr 21
18:53 30 Mar 21
Welcoming, professional, pleasant, friendly!
20:08 27 Feb 21
19:21 19 Feb 21
Excellent service, convenient location and reasonably priced. Great experience all around!!
23:02 18 Feb 21
Fantastic staff; kind and efficient
19:50 30 Jan 21
Great place to get your card. The process was relatively easy.Thanks!Brenda
02:02 17 Jan 21
00:12 17 Jan 21
Everything amazing!
13:14 12 Jan 21
Everyone in the office is friendly and very helpful. They walk you Thur each and every step of the process. They also answer any questions or concerns , if you call after you leave no what matter what time it is. I would recommend this dr office to anyone!
13:55 10 Jan 21
This experience has helped my PTSD and other ailments. Dr. King really listened to all of my psychical and mental problems / concerns. He asked a lot of important questions and was very thorough. Most doctors overbook, rush you in, and are too busy to really talk to you. We were able to discuss the medical solutions helpful for my situations. 3 years later I'm doing so much better and it's thanks to KindHealth.
19:13 03 Jan 21
19:36 19 Dec 20
Very helpful and kind attention of manager. I do recommend anybody in need to see this place.THANK YOU MUCHKindHealth Marijuana Doctors
16:22 19 Dec 20
20:51 06 Dec 20
20:16 16 Nov 20
00:41 01 Nov 20
The owner is so kind, knowlegable, and patient. He guided me through the entire process carefully and made sure I followed every step. The doctor was equally fantastic, answering all my questions about how I could get relief. I highly recommend visiting them - their business name reflects how they treat their clients!
18:35 31 Oct 20
Super friendly ! Quick and Caring!
13:25 26 Oct 20
Gentry and Dr King are great. 10/10
15:01 25 Oct 20
Excellent service. The staff is very profesional .
17:47 20 Oct 20
Want to get a card but your too anxious like me to even approach any business then look no further. KindHealth Doctors are incredibly nice and formal, Gentry and the Doctor are extremely professional. More importantly than anything it seems they genuinely care and this process for me was a first but would not have wanted to experience this anywhere else. I am eternally grateful and appreciate everyone at KindHealth. The other reviews are honest and correct in everything positive mentioned. Best of luck to you all!
17:19 15 Oct 20
15:24 15 Oct 20
Consummate professionals...Dr King was excellent and got my state approval FAST in like 10 days
14:49 05 Oct 20
Gentry and the doctor were both very understanding and helpful with what I came in for. Very friendly and comfortable environment, I definitely recommend anybody to go in and check them out.
00:46 04 Oct 20
Easy, Calm experience. All the employees were very nice and helpful. Exactly what everyone has said in their reviews. I definitely recommend a visit!!
16:01 26 Sep 20
Everything you want in a marijuana doctor--seamless, one stop, professional and friendly place. They have reasonable rates, they walk you through the process and make it a pleasure from start to finish. They are very responsive and they deliver what they promise. Excellent.
03:44 26 Sep 20
22:40 19 Sep 20
Excellent and efficient service. So glad I found this place.
20:06 12 Sep 20
17:19 31 Aug 20
I was referred to Gentry at KindHealth and I am thankful for meeting him and his team! They are very caring and genuine. It was well worth the travel time for the great experience with KindHealth. Thank you Gentry!
16:52 22 Aug 20
16:06 16 Aug 20
15:16 16 Aug 20
Most impressive--personable, polite, professional, and efficient. I was worked into an appointment with almost no advance notice, but never once felt rushed or neglected. The doctor and office manager honestly seem to care about individual needs and how to best help. I've found my spot.
21:53 28 Jul 20
Hello i wanna say thank u KINDHEALTH I wanna say thank you Dr Gentry thanks alot Dra Ramesh I appreciated it the best team the best doctors the best office really clean and very professional and very good people I recommend KINDHEALTH to everyone they are the best and they have the best price ...God bless you all ... Alejandro pintado
19:12 26 Jul 20
Very attentive... great customer service!
16:56 25 Jul 20
Excellent thorough professional efficient kindly service. What more could you want?
21:30 16 Jul 20
Amazing experience. Great quality of people. Lots of patience and understanding. God bless Dr. Gentry and his team for providing such a professional service.
12:55 12 Jul 20
02:09 28 Jun 20
The office was immaculate. Gentry was incredibly informative and welcoming. I was so happy I finally went. I had debated with myself forever about visiting a Marijuana Dr. However after much homework I have finally gone the holistic route for my anxiousness and insomnia. Kindhealth was able to help
17:27 25 Jun 20

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