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Severe/chronic pain
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Hepatitis C
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Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson disease
Terminal illness (<12 mo)
Other serious conditions*

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North Miami Beach Marijuana Doctors



North Miami Beach Marijuana Doctors



North Miami Beach Marijuana Doctors



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Our Neighborhood - 420 Doctors in North Miami Beach, Florida

KindHealth is Florida's #1 medical herb card on Miami's Northside. Research shows promising results in treating various ailments and illnesses by helping to alleviate symptoms. We offer an alternate path to health with fewer side effects. Our office near Miami Shores builds on a foundation of understanding and customer satisfaction. KindHealth client services include:

  • Certified Med Card Doctors
  • North Miami Medical Cards
  • Professionals Trained in Medical Care
  • Ongoing Patient Support

Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in North Miami Beach

We need to see an improvement in your quality of life. We make the recommendation process smooth in every aspect. Visiting a North Miami Beach marijuana doctor for your card in North Miami or Miami Shores has never been easier. First, our certified physicians review your medical history. Then, we evaluate medical cards to find the best strain and optimal dosage for your condition. Afterward, we submit your application to the Florida Registry for your medical card. After you get your card, go to one of the many weed dispensaries in North Miami and get your medicine.

North Miami Beach

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Biscayne Bay, North Miami Beach offers a blend of relaxation and family-friendly charm. With white sandy beaches, lush parks, and a quieter atmosphere, it's an ideal escape from Miami Beach's bustling energy. Whether sunbathing, picnicking, or exploring local gems, North Miami Beach invites you to unwind and savor its coastal beauty. 

  1. The Ancient Spanish Monastery, a testament to history, was transported from Spain and reassembled by William Randolph Hearst in 1925. Today, it is a popular wedding venue, adding a touch of historic charm to special occasions. The monastery's architecture and tranquil surroundings make it a unique and picturesque spot, perfect for capturing timeless memories.
  2. Cloisters of the Monastery of Saint Bernard de Clairvaux: These architectural buildings are part of the same ancient Spanish monastery. William Randolph Hearst also orchestrated their relocation to the U.S.  Visitors can appreciate the cloisters' historical significance and intricate design.
  3. Greynolds Park is a stunning nature and wildlife area and a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. It boasts expansive green spaces, scenic walking trails, and inviting picnic spots. Whether you're a nature lover or looking for a fun day out with the family, Greynolds Park offers the perfect place to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors.
  4. ABRA Gallery: Established in 2002 in Los Angeles and later relocated to North Miami Beach, ABRA Gallery showcases an eclectic collection of artworks. Visitors can explore original acrylic and oil paintings, editioned archival prints, and contemporary sculptures.
  5. North Beach Oceanside ParkNormandy Shores Golf Club, and the North Beach Bandshell are other notable attractions in North Miami Beach. Whether you're interested in art, history, or outdoor activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy

Origins and Early Days:

  • Captain William H. Fulford was a U.S. Coast Guard officer who discovered the area that would become North Miami Beach in 1881 while patrolling the Atlantic side of the peninsula during the Spanish-American War.
  • The Captain explored Big Snake Creek (later renamed the Oleta River) and found an area amid lowlands, marshes, and mangroves—a serene retreat from the fury of the Atlantic.
  • 1897, Captain Fulford acquired a 160-acre land patent from President Grover Cleveland, utilizing the Homestead Act. Settlers established farms along the east side of the Oleta River, named Ojus, by farmer Albert Fitch. The word "Ojus" is a Seminole term meaning "plenty" or "lots of," reflecting the area's abundant crops of peas, beans, sugar cane, and tomatoes.

Development and Renaming:

Rapid Growth and Vision:

  • From 1924 to 1926, North Miami Beach experienced rapid development.
  • A Chamber of Commerce disseminated information, and the Fulford By-the-Sea News provided monthly updates.
  • The vision for North Miami Beach included 80-foot-wide residential streets and 100-125-foot-wide business thoroughfares.
  • Today, North Miami Beach is a vibrant part of the Miami metropolitan area, blending history, community, and coastal charm.

North Miami Beach is Not to Be Confused with North Miami

  • North Miami Beach is a separate city located nearby, also in Miami-Dade County.
  • It is known for its quieter and more family-friendly vibe.
  • The further north you travel in Miami Beach, the less expensive eating, shopping, and housing becomes.
  • North Miami Beach offers options for relaxation, family fun, and beautiful parks perfect for picnics.
  • The beaches here have white sand and are great for lounging in the sun.

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