COVID Stress

CBD and Hemp Oils for Coronavirus Stress

CBD and Hemp Oils for Coronavirus Stress

Increasingly, people are using CBD and hemp oils for coronavirus stress. The past few months have led experts to explore their impact to alleviate worry, fear, and anxiety. Studies reveal that CBD for coronavirus stress is an effective way of coping with these uncertain times. The unprecedented outbreak and spread of coronavirus have aroused a certain degree of uncertainty in people. Plus, the new measures and impacts have disrupted our usual way of life. Self-isolation protocols throughout the globe try to curb the spread of corona.

We are now forced to adhere to social distancing precepts. All of these changes have led to elevated stress and anxiety levels. However, with the currently imposed stay-at-home orders, there is not much you can do. Thus, there is a rise in the popularity of utilizing CBD for coronavirus stress. But what is CBD? And how does it work to alleviate stress?


Stress and CBD

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is an element found in the cannabis and hemp plant. It has gained immense demand in the past years, boasting multiple perks for physical well-being. Diverse studies have also provided indisputable proof of the influence of cannabidiol on mental health. For instance, you can purchase CBD oil for anxiety and depression. A few drops of this tincture daily taken orally, or applied dermatologically, has proved highly productive in psychological studies. And now, research shows that we can use CBD for coronavirus stress.

The compound is favored in the medical field due to its non-psychotropic qualities. Unlike THC, when cannabidiol products are consumed, you experience no high. The extract is elicited from CBD-dominant strains such as Sativa and industrial hemp to produce cannabidiol. All cannabidiol products are imbued with this extract, including:

  • CBD tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Topical creams
  • Vape oils
  • Capsules

People often want to know how to take CBD oil. One of the best ways to safely consume the oil is by putting a few drops directly into your mouth or in your food. And there's nothing more relaxing than a deep tissue massage using cannabidiol or hemp oil. Using the best CBD massage oil is also believed to provide rejuvenating relief for various ailments, such as arthritis and joint pain.


CBD and Hemp oils

How Coronavirus Increases Stress

With the coronavirus, outbreak came global restrictions on movement and social convention. We have been forced to adapt to new ways of living and interacting with people. Quarantine and self-isolation have affected most of us. Everyday life has been disrupted, and you might find yourself a bit more stressed than usual. Look out for coronavirus stress symptoms like panic attacks, lethargy, paranoia, or drastic mood changes.

How Cannabidiol and Hemp Oil Help with Coronavirus Stress

There are numerous CBD oil health benefits. Users of CBD for coronavirus stress report subdued levels of anxiety and heightened mental clarity. So, how does CBD oil work to alleviate stress? When utilized, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your body to induce a state of balance. The creation of cortisol is also regulated, raising mental stability.

Cannabidiol is also used to provide pain relief for patients with conditions like multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. This is attributed to CBD's anti-inflammatory properties. Massaging aching joints with cannabidiol provides relief. A combination of cannabidiol and hemp oils will help you to manage anxiety caused by the pandemic. Hemp contains vital nutrients that help boost brain function and combat nervousness, while cannabidiol is a natural stress reliever. People with neurodegenerative disorders can also benefit from using cannabidiol. More research is being conducted to determine the neuroprotective aspects of CBD.

Final Word

It is quite normal to feel more agitated, confused, or scared during a crisis. And the coronavirus pandemic has brought about adverse psychological effects. We have been forced to acclimate to a new normal. If the past months have left you feeling more stressed than usual, it may be time to consider an alternative health remedy. Consider CBD for stress or depression. We advise speaking with your physician about it before adding it to your regimen. Read more here on The Top 6 Ways to Discuss CBD with Your Doctor.

Ensure you consult your physician before using CBD oil for anxiety. Make sure you know how to use it appropriately, how much to take, and when. Let us know your experience with CBD or hemp oil to cope with coronavirus-related stress in the comments section below. For more information, read How Cannabis Users can Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus.

Author’s Bio: Rachel H. is a graduate professor from Wales. She is a key advocate of the healing properties of alternative medicine. Her work on how CBD impacts mental wellness led to opening a medical marijuana dispensary. Rachel H. runs the store with her family.

CBD and Hemp Oils for Coronavirus Stress

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