Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

Looking For "Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me"?

You will find "medical marijuana doctors near me" at KindHealth cannabis card clinic. KindHealth proudly operates in Miami, Florida since 2017 in the Little Havana neighborhood. Just a few blocks north of popular Calle Ocho, KindHealth desires to be the marijuana card clinic of choice not only Little Havana, but in all of Miami. We design our services to improve your quality of life and knowledge in all things medical cannabis. Look no further for a marijuana doctor near me!

KindHealth is Your "Marijuana Doctor Near Me"

KindHealth marijuana doctors will assess your medical condition, review any records you make available, and contact your primary care physician, when possible. Our medical evaluation will determine your eligibility for the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry. Our first priority is to optimize your KindHealth experience through the entire process of getting your marijuana card.

Cannabis Knowledge

Since not all patients have a ‘working knowledge’ of marijuana, we offer additional education for those who are cannabis naïve. Our ‘Cannabis 101’ information covers basic medical marijuana topics such as the difference between THC and low THC, CBD, CBN and THCa, sativa, indica and the specific interactions you need to expect from them with your medical condition. We will also inform you as to the many alternatives to smoking medical cannabis and we are happy to discuss substitute forms of your medicine such as topicals, vaporizers and edibles. Safe storage of your medicine is important, especially around children.

KindHealth Marijuana Card Miami

Located in south central Miami in Little Havana, KindHealth has more than a decade of experience in medical cannabis card industry. More than a service, we are a philosophy of compassionate care use with cannabis as an alternative adjunct medication in appropriate medical conditions. We proudly announce expansion of our marijuana treatment clinic into Miami's Little Havana neighborhood and look forward to meeting your medical marijuana card needs. KindHealth clinic policies are listed for your review.