Medical Services Organization

Medical Services Organization

The Problem

KH compassionate use medical services organization is intimately aware of the many pitfalls of practicing medicine in cannabis clinics. Misaligned incentives among physicians, patients and clinics increase legal, regulatory and professional scrutiny. Physician reimbursement, clinic contracts, patient selection and condition assessment must all be above reproach. Physician non-compliance with a myriad of medico-legal requirements can cost tens of thousands in legal costs; if not the surrender of your hard earned license. KindHealth MSO provides administrative, consultative and technological solutions to successfully negotiate the subtle physician traps in cannabis practice. In the meantime medical marijuana physicians can focus their time on caring for patients with end stage or debilitating conditions.

KindHealth Solution

KindHealth block leases furnished clinic staff/space to both PT or FT physicians performing cannabis evaluations on patients with serious or debilitating end stage conditions. We form virtual partnerships with cannabis physicians to create a successful, ethical, and legally sustainable medical cannabis practice. Our go-to-market strategy and fully committed, integrated resources drive practice success, bringing value to physicians and patients in the rapidly evolving medical marijuana healthcare space. Our model leases furnished office space and staff for medical clinic start-up operations. This arrangement quickly positions physicians to efficiently prescribe medical cannabis treatment to appropriate Florida patients with end stage conditions. We relieve compassionate use physicians of non-medical business functions so they can practice clinical medicine without the headaches involved in business administration.

KindHealth MSO Benefits

  • Physicians block lease furnished clinic space and staff dedicated to compassionate use practice
  • Physician practice remains totally independent
  • Retain ownership of their patient records
  • Physicians have no practice startup initial cash outlay
  • Physicians continue billing under their own NPI number
  • There is no need for an 855R reassignment for billing purposes
  • Physicians use of health IT achieve optimal business operations
  • Physicians earn option to become a stand-alone, self-sustaining entity


physician manager team


Physician Regulatory Compliance and Guidelines

State and federal guidelines for medical marijuana physician practices are conflicting and ambiguous. This presents potential quagmires at state, federal and professional levels. Standards are defined by the Florida Board of Medicine and Florida's Medical Marijuana Use program (formerly Compassionate Use). Strict regulatory compliance to administrative, financial, and medical practice standards is critically essential. KH has developed cannabis practice guidelines based on the highest practice standards available. We aggressively audit our own processes, records, and data, in order to respond appropriately to any challenges in creating a sustainable, ethical clinic practice model. KindHealth works with experienced Florida licensing attorneys that are intimately familiar with both Federal and State record keeping requirements to insure legal compliance. KindHealth will guide the registration of both you and your patients through the Compassionate Care Act regulatory fields.

Physician Credentialing

Let KindHealth do your physician credentialing. The process of confirming physician qualifications to verify their experience, education, training, and competency is a complex and time consuming process. KindHealth uses CAQH and other tools to streamline the application submission, expediting registration and enrollment in the Florida Medical Marijuana Use program and other insurances. Credentialing ensures the highest-quality patient care and safety and is crucial to full physician reimbursement for billed insurance services.

Physician Contracting

Traditional physician reimbursements are closely scrutinized; medical cannabis practices even more so. Medical practice in the still federally illegal marijuana industry increases the legal complexities of fee-splitting, kickbacks, Stark, and the corporate practice of medicine. The ‘usual and customary’ physician reimbursement arrangement in normal practice may be a legal landmine with increased legal jeopardy for medical cannabis physicians. KindHealth will serves as the medical services organization in an independent contractor relationship with the physician. The physician maintains their own clinic practice at a designated, separate location. Our clinics are designed to service the Floridians suffering from end-stage or debilitating conditions that the registration and treatment through the Compassionate Care Act. KH medical services organization contracts are thoroughly vetted by our team of legal specialists. This in order to assure full adherence to all state, federal, FBME and DEA regulations, thus minimizing the legal risk to both the physician.

Proprietary Software

KindHealth transforms the medical marijuana practice, using proprietary EHR software to efficiently redesign clinical workflow. KindHealth utilizes a specific electronic medical record (“EMR”) system that has been proven to work specifically with patient-related medical marijuana treatments. We develop and hosts our own solution to assist medical practices with cannabis specific encounters and care management plans. This optimizes documentation to help improve communication, patient care quality and data collection. The KindHealth IT system facilitates, expedite and enhances the specialty relevance of patient encounters. Your patient records and access to patient records remain your own even in the event of termination of the business relationship.

Quality Management

Patients, physicians and healthcare regulators each measure quality through a different lens. KindHealth takes all stakeholders into account by developing industry 'best practice' benchmark metrics consistent with our mission statement. Our medical management services organization adheres to these standards increases our value to the community and creates a sustainable Compassionate Use practice.

KindHealth Medical Services Organization Features

We deliver high-quality, low-cost management services to cannabis physician practices including:

  • Revenue cycle management
  • Financial management, accounts payable, billing and collection services
  • Staff payroll services
  • Online patient scheduling software
  • Human Resources: recruiting, hiring, staffing, training, compliance, and benefits
  • Networked IT infrastructure, support, and centralized patient health records
  • Marketing and practice growth strategies
  • Physician credentialing
  • MSO management rates are at a flat rate and set at fair market value

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