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Exploring Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

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Exploring Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

We all feel anxious every now and then. But when anxiety becomes burdensome, to the extent that it prevents you from going about your life as you please, then you may have an anxiety disorder. Like virtually every other mental health condition, treating anxiety disorders is hardly ever straightforward. Benzodiazepines have been the go-to drugs for a long time. However, the effectiveness and side effects of these drugs have raised questions. With the legalization of medical marijuana across many states in the country, physicians are exploring the relationship between cannabis and anxiety.

The Efficacy of Medical Marijuana for Stress and Anxiety

A 2013 study published in PubMed revealed that marijuana is capable of treating anxiety among other conditions. Many other studies showed similar result and there is no dearth of evidence supporting the use of medical marijuana for stress and anxiety. A similar study published in the same journal explored the benefit of Cannabidiol (CBD) in the treatment of social anxiety disorder. According to the results, oral CBD significantly decreased subject anxiety in the test subjects when compared to the placebo.

While the effectiveness of medical marijuana for stress and anxiety cannot be disputed, there is still some debate about the active principles responsible for the effect. The major constituents of the cannabis plant are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. THC is a known psychoactive and is majorly responsible for the feelings of euphoria that may come after taking cannabis. The compound is also known to activate certain centers in the brain that control fear and anxiety. This is why it is important that people taking cannabis for anxiety do not self-medicate. Taking the marijuana you bought from a street dealer or without a medical marijuana card from a licensed doctor could worsen your condition.

Approval of Cannabis for Anxiety

The approval of medical marijuana by 31 states come with certain clauses. One of such is that it can only be used for treating certain specified conditions. The conditions vary from state to state. However, not many states have approved medical marijuana for anxiety. The state of Florida, for example, does not list anxiety as one of the qualifying conditions. However, your physician may still exploit one of the openings in the list if they feel medical marijuana may help your anxiety.

The Best Cannabis for Anxiety

The best strains of cannabis for anxiety are the strains that contain more of CBD and less THC. The doctor could even prefer the CBD oil extract if the assessment shows that is what would benefit you the most. The most important thing is to ensure you consult a licensed doctor before making any decision about exploring medical marijuana for stress and anxiety. The doctor would provide the appropriate prescription after a thorough assessment and consultation.


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